Did you see that wonderful ‘Supermoon’ heralding the start of our New Year? And at the end of the month we have another one, which we call a ‘Blue’ moon (because it happens twice in one month). The super-sized moon is when the full moon is sitting so close to the Earth and has a very strong influence. For those of us who believe in the power of angels we should also be aware that this Winter period is a very special time when we are ‘over-lighted’ by the significant influence of the Archangel Gabriel too.

This truly is a time for setting your intentions. Not just because it is the start of a New Year, but because the magnitude of the power of Gabriel’s Light enhances and supports all new beginnings. As magnificent Divine ‘Annunciator’, Gabriel brings messages of hope, joy and peace, and she clarifies our individual and collective purpose.  These illuminations and signs are so generously and clearly given – but we often miss them. Perhaps because we are busily distracted by other things. Messages which are not just to individuals, but to families, ‘soul’ groups, ‘tribes’, whole sections of humanity, indeed to nations. She shines a great light on the direction we need to follow, and as angelic guardian of the moon she is also working with the subtle energy of the moon too.

The sun and moon have always been seen as vital in religious and spiritual practices since the beginning of time. You may already know of the ancient civilisations and the worship of the Sun Gods from school, but perhaps unfamiliar with practices which  have revolved around the waxing and waning of the moon. So, for example, with a new moon we can create and build up our energies and projects as it grows, waxing, and as the full moon wanes we can let go of anything we no longer require. When the moon is shining at her brightest, shadows are illuminated for us to see what’s there.

In terms of personal development and spiritual practice this is the time to look deep within and see what may be lurking there, in order to heal, and to change. There is nothing to be afraid of in the shadows, if we are brave enough to seek out what may be hiding we can face it, whatever it may be. The beauty of our belief in angels is that we don’t have to do this alone! We can ask Archangel Gabriel to help us.  First by acknowledging that we do have shadows, without judgement or self-criticism, and then facing up to and perhaps confronting it. Just like when we were very small and afraid of the dark, it may take courage even now as adults to face our shadows and shine a light onto aspects of us, whether in our personality or past behaviours, we prefer to hide away. This is what Gabriel can do for us. Helping us seek out what we may need to change, or heal, in order to find our true self, and to be the best we can be. And, let’s face it, we do need someone to hold a torch and illuminate our path when the light has become a little too dim for us to see by. Gabriel will enable this by highlighting something you can work on and grow, possibly by sending a teacher into your life, or by enhancing your intuitive skills in meditation so that you are able to follow your inner guidance more clearly.

It is hard for us when we are sensitive, isn’t it? When so much is happening in the world that feels wrong. And no matter how obvious the need to change, those who seek personal power and follow their ego instead of their soul seem to be striding forward in the world. I watch documentaries about the Earth’s many cries for action and even knowing that angelic helpers are everywhere and are so obvious, so much of humanity seems, sometimes,  to be going along in the wrong direction.  If individuals are unable to read the signs on a personal level, in their personal lives, how then would a whole section of humanity know what they are being shown when in the main it is the loudest voice or the strongest character who takes up the lead?

But take heart…This is where all the millions of Light workers are most effective, and there are no coincidences that so many young people are bringing their beautiful souls out to play, knowing that we are all doing our best to make changes in the way we do things, however small, and that together we are moving forward in the right direction. The knowledge that we are surrounded by angelic beings, and by wonderful loving people (‘earth angels’) who care, and show kindness and want to see a different way of living and being enables me to trust that ‘All is as it should be’.

Wow, there truly is so much significance in the Supermoon at the very beginning to our year. Let’s all make our wishes powerful and positive ones, trusting that Gabriel will enhance and empower us, and then work with the moon energy as it wanes by letting go of all the things holding us back.

If you are interested in numerology you’ll have already worked out that the numbers of this year, 2018, added together make 11 and this is the number of ‘mastery’. We have a wonderful opportunity to master whatever it is we came to learn. These numbers also add up to a number 2, which is the number of the Divine feminine. Last year was the number 1, and about the Divine Masculine, so this year we will be bringing the softer, more caring, intuitive and nurturing skills into play. It will be enhancing our need for good relationships – and maybe throwing a few shadows into those relationships that need the light too!

The world is filled with amazing people, and one fabulous advantage of social media is the sharing of heartwarming stories of all the good in the world. When we allow the Light to shine on all of this good work we are inspired to do the same: to do our ‘bit’. And by doing so we still have a chance of peace. Knowing this, and seeing the brightness of the moon and feeling the energy of change with the power of the angels surrounding us certainly fills me with Gabriel’s message of hope.