AngelInsight_HarmonyYou may have noticed a feeling of being ‘all over the place’ – slightly ungrounded, maybe a little bit fraught, or overly emotional? Well don’t worry, you are not alone! We have been going through exceptionally powerful times. Whether or not you are interested in the cosmic sciences such as meta-physics or astronomy, or are keen on the expression of planetary influences within astrology, you may have had a sense that perhaps the whole World has gone mad! You might just be forgiven for feeling a little fearful at times. Just as predicted by some fundamentalist groups, the third dimensional establishment appears to be dissolving. However, it’s not my personal belief that these are the ‘end times’ – but rather that in keeping with channelled guidance from the angelic and Mastered realms we will rise out of this chaos and create a new and beautiful existence if we all work towards raising the planetary vibration – together.

This most recent Solar eclipse, during a Mercury retrograde period, is affecting us deeply on a cellular and spiritual level. It enhances and draws attention to our desires and our beliefs, asking us to really pay attention to our soul purpose. Are you able to reflect on your personal drive and check out whether it is ego or love based? Are you apathetic, or focussed on changing the world for the better? Whatever is going on for you now, we are advised by Archangels and Masters that our energy (in whichever direction) will be enhanced, or even exaggerated, at this time.

Let me tell you a little story …

A jungle fire broke out and all the animals started to flee for their lives. Mammals were carrying their young, monkeys were swinging through the trees, all scared of the smoke and flames. Then suddenly a monkey stopped for a moment as he noticed a tiny humming bird’s movements and was fascinated. The little bird flew quickly to a flower growing high in the trees and dipped her beak in to collect the nectar. Then she flew to the fire and dripped the liquid onto a high reaching flame. She flew back to another flower and repeated the action. “Come on, come on little bird you’ll get caught in the fire” cackled the monkey impatiently. But the tiny humming bird ignored the monkeys pleas and continued as before, collecting nectar and dripping it onto the flames. “What are you doing?” asked the monkey. “I’m just doing my bit.” Replied the tiny bird.

So the angels ask us to reflect and meditate, to pray and to purify our thoughts and pay attention over the next few days, then to set out our deeper spiritual intentions. This energy is going to last with us until March 2015, so we have the darker evenings to reflect and the New Year to set our higher intentions in motion. We are being asked to go forward, and to ‘do our bit’.

In the meantime, hold tight, stay grounded with both feet firmly on the ground and avoid anything or anyone who brings negative energy into your space. Being true to your soul purpose means finding the things in life that make your heart sing, fires the passion in your heart and makes you feel like punching the air. Are you ready to serve the highest good and help to raise the vibration of our planet – and of humanity – just by doing your bit? What’s that? Did I hear you shout “Yes!”