I’ve just come home from a hospital visit. There was no room in the car park and long queues were forming. The exit was blocked by frustrated drivers impatiently trying to inch their way to get in, and even more trying to get out. It was about 3pm and so I’m guessing many were late for appointments, and others perhaps trying to visit wards.

The consequence of all this was that a group of people were having a fight. An actual push me – pull you, verbally abusive and highly unpleasant physical incident. Ouch. My stomach lurched at the sight and I felt myself quaking at the sound of such violent, negative language and the weight of bad energy flying through the air. Now why on earth, you might ask, am I talking about this in my blog?

The answer is because it made me sad. On this day when at 11 minutes past 11, in remembrance of 11th of November 1918 when we celebrated the end of the First World War, and had a few moments silence in respect of all the hundreds of thousands who fought for liberty, I was pulled up short in my tracks at the thought that here we are now in 2016 fighting for a parking space in a hospital car park.

Walking slowly through the hospital on my way to the appointment I continued my observation and reflections. I saw very very few people with a smile. Of course, many are in pain of one kind or another, and this shows on our beautiful human expression filled faces.
Every picture tells a story, and the face, my lovelies, is an open book.

Today, as a hurried person leaving my desk and dashing off for an appointment, for the first time in ages, I forgot to ask the angels for a little added protection, and place myself in a bubble of Light before going in. So, today, as an empath, I felt a lot of sadness, anger, frustration, disappointment and pain. Other people’s and then some of my own perhaps of a different kind.

Except a little later on my way out when I passed a rather smart, smiley, elderly lady and felt the need to tell her how lovely she looked, and remark on her happy and positive energy – even though she was walking with a stick. That made her laugh out loud, and it cleared my energy too, leaving me feeling happy that I had made her happy!

On this very auspicious date (11:11) and a new moon in Scorpio I started (as I intend to finish it) in my safe bubble of love, at home in my office writing about angels, meditating on the rise of human consciousness, sending out healing and peace around the world and feeling happy.

I’m determined on my next hospital visit to put into practice theDSC_0762 Gentle Art of Blessing before I leave the house by sending blessings in advance of my journey and asking the angels to Light the Way . I shall add the hospital where I was today, and all hospitals, everywhere;  all those who work there;  and all who visit there (for whatever reason) in God’s loving Light. I shall send blessings to those who were scrapping today, calling in Archangel Michael to seal their grievances and Raphael to heal their pain.

I’m determined to ‘Step up” and work even harder at being friendly, patient and kind to as many people as I can, whilst remaining authentic and without substituting softness for my integrity. Every one has a story, and some have a story with more challenges than my own. And, I am sending out a call to everyone reading this asking us all to do this even more than we do already. My old dad used to say: “Just lift up a smile from your heart, and place it on your lips, ’cause it makes eveIMG_0891rything seem better when you are smiling”.  If we do nothing else lets try and smile more often, “Smile and the world smiles with you…”. Think of how naturally children smile. And, there are so, so many things to make you smile about in our beautiful world, no matter how rough some of the patches might be, or how old we become.

We all know that as Ghandi taught so many years ago; to see a change we have to be the change.


Looking around the hospital today re- fuelled my tank. So I’m revving up, I’m smiling, and I’m good to go. Coming with me?