From time to time the emails and questions I receive are very appropriate with things going on in my own life. As many of you know we have a beautiful new baby in our family, and so this lovely question, coming in from one reader, seems timely:

affirmations_nurturingQ: Hi Chrissie, I have just had a wonderful healthy baby after a very difficult pregnancy, and I am terrified that something might happen to him. I’m not at all religious, but I do believe in guardian angels. Who should I pray to? I wonder if there is a specific angel I can say a prayer to, to protect him during the night so that I can sleep.

A: I can empathise with you on this one as I remember those first few weeks of listening out for every little sound! My first response would be to say that you don’t really need to worry about calling to any specific angels because your baby will be accompanied by them. Also, do remember that all angels are messengers between ourselves and God, so you can trust that any prayers you might offer straight to God will be heard and acted upon by the angelic realms, even if you have never tried before. I totally understand that if you are not used to talking to God, or brought up saying prayers, this might seem a little daunting.

You could say something like this: “Guardian angels of {name of baby} I welcome you and invite you to come close by his side. Please protect him from all harm and bless him while he sleeps that I may rest peacefully knowing that he is safe. Thank you”.

Perhaps I could offer a little help with personal issues relating to your spiritual journey? By connecting to your angelic guides together, we can find the answers. If you would like some ‘undivided attention do get in touch for a consultation.

Can I Be Of Spiritual Service?

one_to_one_250On the issue of consultations, I have been offering private one-to-one consultations for many years and continue to do so from my home in Essex, UK, or by telephone or Skype. We all have questions that often cannot be fully answered through books, websites and personal reflection. Sometimes a little guidance or a gentle ‘nudge’ in the right direction can help us remove blocks and move forward in life.

Each of my consultations is tailored very specifically to your personal needs and preferred areas of focus. I don’t channel messages from those who have passed over, and rather than offer a traditional ‘psychic reading’, I use my training in Spiritual Counselling to help you reach a deeper sense of your soul purpose. I can help you improve your connection with angelic realms, or access divine healing energies for yourself and empower you upon your own spiritual journey.

The purpose of a consultation may be to:

Discover or strengthen your personal connections with the Angelic realms

Find your soul purpose or life path and support you on that path

Gain strength and advice for dealing with personal issues and setbacks

Deepen your insight leading to a more fulfilling Spiritual Life.

Sessions may include self-help tools & exercises for you to continue to use after your consultation, and/or messages received through the beautiful Guardian Angel Oracle cards.  My focus has always been on practical integration, so that you can effectively bring the gifts of the Angels into your day to day life, and learn to use spiritual tools and insights to enhance your life path.

If you feel I may be able to help you, I offer a limited number of one-on-one sessions each month which take place over phone, Skype, or at my home in north Essex.  Consultations can be booked individually, or as a series, offering the opportunity for more ongoing spiritual growth, mentoring and support.

I believe that we should all follow our calling to help and serve. Working with individuals is one of the most rewarding parts of my work and it would fill me with joy to help you. Just visit the website to find out more and for details of how to book these sessions: