The the world around us is changing so rapidly I wonder how any of us really manages to keep up? I’m not a great one for constantly sweeping my iPhone Apps to watch the news, but I do try to keep up with what’s going on in the world if I can. Though as a sensitive – like many of you – I find much of what is being fed to us through the general media sources can seem very negative. However,  we have to face it, each of us, in our own way, is a micro-cosmic replication of the world wide chaos we see reflected back to us from world events. As much as we might say we don’t like what we see going on, there is a wild wind of change blowing and we are all getting swept along by it. In fact globally there is a massive tsunami of change. Mystics have predicted it for centuries and now its here.

My role as a spiritual educator and coach is to empower and enable people to consciously prepare for high tide, and demonstrate how we need to accomplish balance in order to ride the waves. You may well be an expert ‘surfer’ already, but some don’t know which way to turn. They often seek angelic guidance to help with life changes they know they need to make but maybe lack confidence to take that leap of faith.

We may tell ourselves that all is in order, and as it should be. But for many that isn’t easy to believe and I’m curious about how YOU coping in all this swirling energy? Are you feeling in synch? Are you balanced, grounded, fully awake and harmonious with it all, gently ‘going with the flow’ or feeling a little strange and somewhat off kilter?”  Let’s look at it this ‘Harmony’ in a slightly different way…

Last night I spent a lovely evening watching and listening to a famous String Ensemble play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. There were 3 violins, a viola, a harpsichord, double bass, and a cello and they were dressed in early nineteenth century costumes. The stage was edged by candlelight and they played some of my absolute favourite pieces of classical music. It was a very unusual and thoughtful Valentine’s gift from my husband, a lovely way to spend time together as I’m away so often, and pure blissful nourishment to my senses! But as I sat still, listening, and watching the artists perform with such love and passion for their craft, there was something deeper that touched me. I noticed there was something being shown to us all about the necessity of harmony in our lives on so many different levels.It was about an interplay, an unspoken connection between them, that touched upon something more than simply seven musicians re-creating music together. Each musician was very different. All unique and individual just as we all are. I watched their faces as they moved their bows, sometimes swiftly, sometimes patting or plucking at the strings. The violins and viola had their leader in the 1st violin and I watched her eyes communicate with the others as they closely flowed her lead, playing together in absolute synchronicity. Their faces all told a story of passionate emotional engagement with the tone, beat, sound, vibration, and the harmony of their music. They had a maturity, and sometimes one or another of them played momentarily with their eyes closed, having practiced for decades clearly knowing the manuscripts off by heart. This for me was a perfect example of how even though we are different and ‘playing our own part’ if we can observe the way our presence and our energy interplays with others, whether it creates harmony or discord and fine tune our reactions to blend together how beautiful that would be.

When it came to Pachabel’s Canon I was in heaven! One of my absolute favourites I often play this during a workshop break, but I hadn’t quite realised how it works from a musical perspective. The double base, harpsichord and cello play the same notes. An under-current background chord of deep sounds, over and over and over again. Whilst the violins playing various fast and playful higher notes bring a magical and excitable quality. It reminded me that in the excitability of our life as we go rushing about there is a magical vibration, always, in the background that once we get used to it we hardly notice. Like the underlying deeper sounds of the continuous rhythms of life that we don’t pay attention to until we stop and listen, such as the movement of the oceans, the breeze in the trees and perhaps our own breathing.

I did try to learn a few instruments at school, from piano to trombone, and wasn’t prepared to put in the practice. I regret that now and would love to learn again once I retire. But I can’t help thinking that each of us is like a talented musician, playing our own life like an instrument of choice. We can practice and play with skill, becoming aware of the tones and notes, carefully harmonising with others, composing beautiful melodies that please our senses, and our soul. Or we can play without sensitivity and make loud raucous sounds that are sharp and create disharmony. Sometimes we will make a wrong note until we find a teacher to show us the right way to play the instrument with skill. Then like everything we must put the learning into practice.

As I write this on a cold Winter evening I can look into the night sky through my window and imagine that I can hear the hum of the Universe and the music of the stars. Now that’s truly tuning in to the Cosmic Harmony. Maybe we should all try it together sometime!