spiritualcompanionslogo_250You may have noticed that I have been mentioning my involvement with Spiritual Companions in some of my recent newsletters. I have had lots of enquiries and so I am dedicating this newsletter to deal with a few of the questions that I have been asked.

Let me ask you to reflect on a few things first:

  • Do you find that your personal spiritual journey has brought you into contact with lots of people over the years who have been attracted to you because you have a generous shoulder to lean on?
  • Do friends and colleagues tell you that you have a quality which they find supportive, and understanding?
  • That you seem to have a little more knowledge and experience of spiritual things than most, and a good listening ear?
  • Perhaps you are a beautician, hairdresser, therapist, carer, teacher, administrator … a role in which your caring, loving soul attracts others who pour out their troubles!
  • Do you sometimes wish that you had just a little more confidence, more training, a better understanding, a deeper connection, a few more skills, so that you could offer better guidance, that your language and presence might be more effective?

This is where the Spiritual Companions training comes in. When you have developed a spiritual practice of your own, whatever that might be, perhaps yoga, meditation, reiki, prayer, body work, t’ai-chi, or other spiritual disciplines… there often arises a deeper sense of a desire to serve. Whether this means ‘to serve’ God, a community project, the planet, strangers, friends or colleagues doesn’t seem to matter, but a deeply profound sense -even urgency- of being of service often takes place.

The Spiritual Companions course in itself is aligned to deepening our sense of connection, reflection and service. In your own way, using your own understanding, the course, which is taught by a trained Spiritual Educator and supported by a group of peers, enhances and broadens your own sense of spiritual connection to ‘what is’. It may be a stronger connection to everything in your immediate life, or angels, the cosmos, other people or nature. By reflecting and sharing in a safe environment you will develop the skills that may enable you to accompany others on their journey too, but with more ease, more understanding and a deeper sense of knowing when to guide and when to simply walk along side.

Q: I haven’t heard of this before, Is it something new?
The programme was first facilitated by William Bloom in 2006 and is centred on a set of Spiritual Companions Guidelines which was drafted by 200 people seeking to describe best practice of daily spirituality.

Q: What do you mean by Spiritual Companion, surely anyone who has read lots of books or meditated for years and been to workshops knows enough to help other people?
Absolutely. We can all help other people. The question is does everyone have the awareness not to impose their own beliefs onto other people whilst they are helping? When we find an excellent spiritual practice or belief system that suits us, we can be tempted to ‘evangelise’. This doesn’t help seekers to find their own level. We are all individuals with an authentic and unique style of expressing our spirituality. Spiritual Companions training enables us to understand this, and to simply hold the space lightly, helping to clarify their colleague’s own development.

Q: What are the benefits of being a Spiritual Companion?
There are many benefits for both professional practitioners (or those who are considering developing a spiritual or holistic business) and for those who simply want to develop their gifts further in service to others.

Spiritual Companions is a fully accredited programme, recognised by a growing number of organisations, including the College of Teachers. For me the main benefit is that this ‘badging’ is rigorous. People who have the certificate and badge of a Spiritual Companion can be trusted, that they have done the work! With such an enormous and varied number of ‘healers’ and ‘teachers’ available it is hugely valuable to know that this badge is a sign of authenticity and integrity. There is a rapidly growing directory of Spiritual Companions in the UK (and Ireland) with a vision that it will eventually be recognised worldwide.

Visit the website to read about further benefits this programme can bring.

Q: How do I become a Spiritual Companion?
A: Everyone who has already completed or is currently studying my Educating Heart and Soul home study course is eligible for the next level in Spiritual Companionship – the ‘Guidelines’ course. The next course starts in October in Essex. Even if you haven’t enrolled on the home study course, there is a fast track process for you if you have undertaken spiritual development training elsewhere and have a regular spiritual practice, (but please contact me if you feel you fit this category before applying).

To find out more, visit the dedicated page on my website here: