newmoonIt’s a new Super Moon! A time for creating some magic – a great time for starting something you feel you would really like to do. Time to make your heart sing!

Have you found that magical something in your life that you are passionate about? What makes your heart sing? What have you always thought you would like to try? What makes you happy?

We are bombarded with offers and advice telling us how to make those necessary lifestyle changes (ways to fill our life), from which new gadget we must buy, and how we should look to what we should read, but are these enticements the way to a better, happier life?

I’m sure that from time to time, however positive we try to be, we all get despondent occasionally. Do you ever start something and then feel like throwing in the sponge, that its just not worth it, its too much hard work? Is there anything actually wrong with that?

When my daughter was about seven years old she decided that she liked playing on her recorder and now wanted to change it, and play the saxophone. After a long wait for her name to come to the top of the list the day came when her beautiful shiny saxophone arrived. To her dismay she couldn’t get a squeak out of it. She had expected that as she held the instrument to her lips a melodic tune would play – just like the musicians she had seen on the television. Immediately she lost interest, and refused all our attempts to try and persuade her to have another go. She was so disappointed that she couldn’t just play the saxophone immediately that she turned away from it completely. She hadn’t realise it would take such a lot of effort, and frankly it wasn’t that important to her.

When it came to netball, however, she never missed a practice session, and ended up playing for the county. That was her passion, but with the saxophone she simply recognised – that this particular activity wasn’t what she expected and chose not to bother with it. I wonder if perhaps by doing the same in certain respects – by recognising that some things just were not worth the amount of effort – I might have saved my time spent on projects that didn’t really hold my interest and avoided the inevitable sense of failure.

Some of us will carry on and on with gritted teeth and refuse to give in – regardless of whether all signs are that we should stop. Tenacity can be a mixed blessing. Have you stuck with something because you felt you ought to? Even if it made you unhappy and miserable – or even ill? The Universe, God and the Angels may try to show us that we are going in the wrong direction and yet we often refuse to see the signs.If you are not happy then these signs may well be pointing you in another direction. The right direction – towards happiness, fulfilment, health and wellbeing.

In my experience people ‘awaken’ to their true soul purpose in life, at different speeds, for varied reasons and on different levels of understanding. I receive amazing stories from people who have had life-changing experiences from a sudden ‘light-bulb’ moment of awareness, to a full blown angelic visitation or near death experience. Then they almost invariably seek to learn new ways of living. The Universe has pointed them towards a more reflective and spiritual life. Becoming more spiritually aware leads to a yearning to change, and with that change comes a new vision.

Personal, spiritual, development takes a lifetime of practice doesn’t just happen overnight. Just like everything else it actually takes hard work to reap benefits. Just like when we join a gym or take up a new activity we start to develop muscles that we didn’t know we had. We find they ache or become painful because they haven’t been stretched for a while. Some of us find it too difficult and give in, others will find a different and more personal way to practice their exercise that suits them better.

Like anything worth doing in life, spiritual work is not easy. With practice, commitment and a willingness to change it opens new avenues, creates new friendships and opportunities. But we need to find the pathway that suits us as individuals. WE are so lucky now with many different teachers, methods and practices. So many choices available to us. We cannot carry on regardless in a way that we are persuaded is right by someone else if it doesn’t feel good-to us, it has to hold our interest, have value and benefits, or will not carry it through. It has to feed our passion, nourish our soul – and make our heart sing.

Photo courtesy of yumikrum/Flickr (creative commons licenced)