AngelInsight_Michael2During the winter months we can sometimes feel more vulnerable than in the lighter, brighter days of spring and summer as the dark, dreary weather can leave us feeling heavier of spirit. If you feel the need to lighten your spirit or shed any unwanted baggage, there is no one better to turn to than the Archangel Michael, one of the most powerful angelic energies for cutting and clearing. While we are on a spiritual path we need to lighten our load by releasing the baggage and ties of pain, guilt, shame and blame we often carry with us. We must set ourselves, and others, free to allow our own soul to move forward into the light. By cutting away at those aspects within your life, which are no longer helpful to you, you are free to focus more clearly on your true soul purpose.

Archangel Michael’s spiritual sword will help cut away the ties that bind you. These ties could be negative thoughts, overwhelming feelings of stress (from whatever source), heavy relationship issues or painful memories. His spiritual sword and armour will also heal and protect you, while his powerful grounding energy, which is linked to the base chakra, will help you to feel safe.

As Archangel Michael is primarily known as the great angel of protection we can also call on his energy for everyday situations whenever we feel the need.

If you would like protection while travelling, you can imagine a vivid blue light surrounding you and your companions, or you car while you are parking or your home whenever you are away and ask for the protection of Michael’s angels until you return.I have received many stories from readers and from people in my workshops who have experienced the sense of being protected by an invisible presence as they walked home very late at night or during a road traffic incident, for example. All of them were convinced they were being protected by Archangel Michael at the time.

You can also call on Archangel Michael for emotional and psychic protection simply by visualising his bright, shining sword of light held out in front of you, and his strong shield covering you. This is an empowering visualisation, particularly if you are feeling vulnerable in situations of possible conflict or confrontation. For example you may ask him to strengthen your emotional integrity, resolve and determination, helping you to see clearly what is honest and true in every situation. Or you can call upon the strength and power of Archangel Michael to help you to become more courageous in facing and overcoming any fears or phobias.

Some people find the prospect of ‘invoking’ angels, especially the archangels,a daunting one. But it really is as simple as stopping what you are doing for a second or two and sending your requests out into the universe. Your prayers from the heart, in whatever form you relay them, are always heard.

Many people call on Archangel Michael for protection simply by imagining a blue cloak round their shoulders or by asking ‘Archangel Michael protect me ~ Thank you.’ Calling on the energy of the sword of Michael, this meditation will help you to cut away any ties if you feel ready to step forward on your spiritual journey. There’s a beautiful meditation for doing this on my Discovering Archangels CD set, which is also part of the Educating Heart & Soul course..

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