affirmation_comfortWhen you look at life through the eyes of an angel, everything is in glowing colour.

Have you ever really looked at the leaves of a tree as they turn in the breeze and noticed the intricacy of their form? Have you noticed that the clusters of flowers adorning the chestnut tree so beautifully are all individually like tiny orchids? Have you stood recently and watched the sunset? When you consider the love in every particle of God’s creation in it’s fine detail and really see the beauty in everything you are then seeing life as it truly is meant to be.

When you begin to see through the eyes of an angel you cease judging others from a human perspective. Every situation, every encounter every one you meet has an inner beauty. Life takes on a brighter hue, a glow which is always visible to the angels and which you can see for yourself once you really see with the eyes of love.

An angel can touch you without being physical.

Angels can speak to you in the form of visions, dreams, whispers, nudges, a feeling, or a sense of knowing. Many people are ‘clair-audient’, this means that they can hear words spoken to them. Some are ‘clairvoyant’ and can see things which others cannot see. Others are ‘clair-sentient’ and feel a presence, which other people may not be able to feel. Each of these is a gift, which can be developed and used for the benefit of others.   The most common feelings described by people are ‘goose-bumps’, a tingling of the scalp or feeling that their hair is being touched. Sometimes there is a change of temperature and a sense of ‘music’ or a fragrance of flowers, particularly roses. You do not have to see an angel in its physical form to know when you have been encouraged or helped, you will feel it in your inner being. Allow yourself to believe in your heart. You will know for yourself. You do not need to prove it to anybody else.