As you kindle the spark of angel light within your heart, notice the glow in others.

AngelInsight_Love2Once you light the spark of Divinity in your own heart you will feel a joy and contentment that you may not have experienced before. Your attitude to life may change and the world seem a much more beautiful place. You may find that you start to notice more and more of the good things about other people. As you act towards others with love and notice how they respond with warmth to you, you will also see that you will attract more loving people around you in your life.

Imagine a spark of golden light glowing in your heart. Closing your eyes for a moment, visualise this loving angelic spark spreading its warmth and love through your chest. As you breathe deeply, imagine this warm glow filling your whole body, legs, feet, arms, hands, and through your neck and throat into your head. Now, as you breathe, imagine that this wonderful loving light spreads out of your pores, glowing all over your skin.

Now imagine that you can ignite the spark in others, simply with a loving smile…watch as this wonderful feeling begins to spread.