IMG_3078Will you be by the sea, or maybe a river bank with a ‘beach’ area, over the next few weeks? Try this lovely exercise for releasing. I do it with the group at my Crete Retreat every year.

During our lives we accumulate emotional baggage, as you know, which tends to sit in and around the chakra areas of our body depending on what age we experienced the trauma, drama or pain in the first place. According to Caroline Myss in her book Anatomy of Spirit this is clearly defined into seven year cycles. So from pre-conception to the age of seven you would hold on to the memories of experiences in your root chakra. I say pre-conception because there is a notion that past life experiences are often held in this area first.

From the age of seven to fourteen your negative experiences or traumatic memories are held in your sacral chakra, fourteen to twenty one in the solar plexus chakra, twenty one to twenty eight in the heart chakra, and so on. (I’m being deliberately simplistic here as it’s for my blog, but you can learn far more about it as we go deep into this topic in my Educating Heart & Soul course, module 4).

There are so many great exercises we can do to help shift these areas of emotional pain. Some of which may indeed be causing discomfort or even disease to that particular part of you body.

For my lovely ‘Crete Pebble’ exercise you need to go down to the beach. Allow yourself time to sit and tune in to your chakras. Breathe deeply and relax, calling in Archangel Raphael to help you with this deep healing, and breathe into each area of your own body giving yourself permission to let go and release anything which you may be holding on to that no longer serves your purpose. Feel for any discomfort or signs of recognition. Then walking towards the sea shore give thanks to Mother Earth for providing the pebbles and the Angel of Water for a blessing, and providing the opportunity for you to perform this ritual. Now choose seven pebbles. They might not be as decorative as the pretty ones I came across on the Isle of Iona, but choose them intuitively by colour, size or shape. You are picking them to represent the seven chakras of your body.IMG_4595
Walk to the edge of the water and throw one pebble at a time into the sea. With each pebble you are saying something like: “I release this emotional memory of… from my root chakra. In letting go of it I allow myself to heal and enjoy comfort in my body.” You can choose your own words and phrasing if you like. Work your way through the chakra system and with each pebble say the same but replacing root with sacral and solar plexus and so on.
It’s a very powerful exercise when done with heart felt intention. Why not try it this Summer?