The angels and ascended beings in the spiritual realms are pouring out their love and assistance, every moment of our lives, to help us all in our awakening process. To many of us it may seem that our progress is slow. But the angels assure us with the utmost confidence that this is most definitely not the case. Our progress is proceeding, as perfectly and divinely intended, and will continue ceaselessly until we fully awaken. And all our spiritual guides and mentors who contracted to be with us at all times throughout this period of intense spiritual evolution are with us, whether we feel or see them or not.

What we are all doing by increasing our spiritual practice and sharing with like-minded friends and companions is of great benefit to all sentient life forms. We are bringing in enormous evolutionary change. Yet most of us remain unaware of the immense task that we have so willingly undertaken. The angels are encouraging us and inform us that we are succeeding by increasing our light ‘quite brilliantly’.

It is by sweeping away the dark, the unreal physical limitations that appear so real and setting new affirmations – new beliefs of trust, hope and a clear vision that takes us forward . Once, we all believed that the earth was flat, and that instant communication over great distances was beyond belief. We would never have believed that convenient travel across the world and into space was possible. Those were all limited belief concepts and they have now been permanently proved erroneous.

Do you have any self-limiting beliefs that will be proven false I wonder? Do you believe you can do anything you set your mind to? That you can heal your body and mind by changing old thought patterns? Do you ever talk yourself down, instead of build yourself up?

Don’t worry, we all do from time to time. But the angels encourage us now to step into our true Light… to release old patterns (which no longer serve us – or our planet) and move forward with them into a higher vibration, a clearer vision, a loving world.