I write this as I set off on another weekend of adventure. I’m working in Belfast. I shall no doubt be meeting up with lots of lovely friends, old and new, and as I have been traveling to Belfast for several years it is becoming very familiar to me now. So why do I call it a ‘weekend of adventure’? Well, because that is the nature of my work. Every experience is wonderfully different.

Whilst I might teach well researched and practiced topics I am also open to the flow of Divine energy working through me. The participants at my workshop on Saturday are there, together, because they have been drawn to that particular connection – for whatever reason – and they will experience a shift in their own spiritual growth and connection at a level that suits them. On the Sunday at the Waterfront where I will be giving two talks I have a title and a whole plethora of information and knowledge gained from the sixteen years I have been working with the angels …but every talk is different. The process is one of inspired and guided energy that is hard to explain… but works every time! And so I have no idea ‘what will come up’ …or who I shall meet on the day. Many people from the audience have described lights next to me or behind me as I speak. I feel the presence, and although I don’t often see these ‘beings’ I know they are with me while I work. So this is my adventure, another step into the familiar yet unknown.

I find that one of the challenges brought to me by my students and in ‘one-to-one’ sessions over the phone with lovely people who are seeking guidance, is that of trying to live a life true to their spiritual impulse, and yet work or live with people who do not understand them. Folk who quite simply are ‘not on the same wave length’ …in other words they are trying to walk with one foot in either camp. The sacred and the mundane. We all have to do it. It can be very wearing at times but there are so many ways of supporting this situation. Meditation is one tried and tested way, and calling on the power of the angelic realms is another. We have to learn how to choose between those things that make us feel depleted and worn out – and those that make our heart sing! It’s all trial and error until we find the right practices for our personality type, something which really suits us.

Sometimes when we are presented with too many options we allow the mind – in our confusion of thoughts – to overpower our intuition. How many times have you had an ‘instant’ reaction and known what to do in a situation but then persuaded yourself out of it, only to regret not following your intuition in the first place?

Here’s an exercise to strengthen your intuition, deepen your angelic connection and help you to read the signs and signals being offered to you.

Meditation exercise for increasing your intuitive connection with your angels and higher self (for decision making):

  • Start by switching off your phone and finding a comfortable position
  • Breathe deeply, down into your lower abdomen. Take three or four deep breaths and with each exhalation relax your body.
  • Feel your feet on the floor and imagine that the soles of your feet are connecting with the earth sending invisible roots of energy down into the soil below grounding you, in your safe space.
  • Now take your focus up into your crown and visualise a beautiful light shining between your crown and the heavens above, connecting you with the source of all pure love and universal truth.
  • Next ‘look’ into your brow and allow your eyes to roll slightly inward and upwards as if you are looking into your third eye chakra. (This is where some traditions believe the soul to reside).
  • Imagine some of the light above your head forming a beautiful ball of light in front of your third eye, as you gently tune in to your higher self for the purpose of this exercise.
  • See the ball rise up and hover around your crown as it increases in light and energy. Allow the light to cleanse and purify any memories or old negative beliefs you may be holding onto which no longer serve you.
  • Watch in your mind’s eye as the ball moves around to the third eye, and again watch as it’s light cleanses and purifies your centre of imagination and intuition. Allow all negative or worrying thoughts to melt into the ball of light.
  • Now see the ball in front of your throat, and repeat the process, this time letting go of all energy attached to conversations from the past which you may be hanging on to.
  • As the ball of light gently drifts down to your heart call your guardian angels to come closer to you. You might ‘feel’ one or more energy approach you, just allow that sensation to deepen and increase your connection. Sit in that energy and ask that it strengthens your intuition so that with practice you will receive clear messages that you will easily understand. (These might be a word that pops in to your head, a symbol, a sound or colour, or a physical sensation).
  • Thank the angels for their presence, as always, and watch the ball float gently back to your crown, disappearing as it moves upwards into the light.
  • With your eyes returning to the third eye imagine that the area is now filling with the brightest light energy and breathe this powerful light down through the rest of your body and out through your feet into the earth.
  • When you feel ready take a few deep breaths, bring your full attention into the ‘now’ and, as you stand make sure that you feel fully grounded.

Resolve to trust your inner and angelic guidance, knowing that you are strong, and intuitive, and that the more often your practice your connection the deeper your insights will be.