“The more we love what is good and what is true, the more the angels love to be with us.”

The gift of life contains no promises, only possibilities. We are called to live our lives with appropriate regard for others. We are interdependent in all things, ourselves and our wonderful planet. This is called stewardship. If you sincerely immerse yourself in service of others you cannot help but be helped yourself.

Rather than ask ‘What can I get from life?’, the question you could ask is: ‘How can I be of service? What have I learned that may be helpful to another? What can I contribute?’ When we genuinely offer our service, the rewards are huge. Service is a two-way street. There is a universal law of gratitude which works in a way that your own life is enriched through serving another. Many blessings in the form of opportunities are around you everywhere. Ask the angels where you may be of service, now.

Here’s a little story that illustrates what I mean…

There was a jungle fire and all the animals were fleeing for their lives. All except for one little humming bird who was busy aflying among the high growing blossoms. As a monkey went swinging by in the tops of the trees he called to the humming bird, ‘Come on you’re going to burn, we all have to fly for our lives.’

‘No, I can’t,’ said the little humming bird as she flew to another flower filled her tiny beak with nectar, flew back to the flames, dropped the drip of moisture and on to the next flower to repeat the process.

‘No, no, you must hurry,’ chatterred the monkey nervously, ‘You’ll die if you don’t come now’.

‘Not at the moment,’ said the little humming bird, flying quickly to another blossom and filling her beak with nectar.

‘But what are you doing?’ Asked the monkey impatiently.

‘I am doing my bit’, said the humming bird finally.

We are all angels, it’s what we do with our wings that makes us different. You don’t have to be a great enlightened masters or an ‘expert’ to be able to do your bit. It’s how you do it, it’s your intention to serve the greater purpose that counts.

Taken from ‘Advice From Angels’ by Chrissie Astell