I sat at my window and invited angel guidance before writing my newsletter – as I often do – it occurred to me that so many of my personal friends are struggling. Some need positive support, others healing, and some are feeling overwhelmed.

These angelic words came to me for sharing:

“This is a very powerful month. This time, August, is more challenging than you normally experience. Not only because it holds the fiery power of the Sun in the sign of Leo, the exalted one – but because it calls to you on a deep soul level. August holds a vibration which most will not understand. The heat of the month raises energy of a different – and inexplicable intensity. Relationships may be tested. Personality – the ego – may be found clashing with personality. Each one mirroring aspects which may have been suppressed.

Now is the time to bring everything out into the open – to be acknowledged, observed, confronted and healed. The powerful cosmic energy of the ‘Lion’s Gateway’ earlier in the month created an opportunity for an enormously powerful influx of energy, which many sensitive souls will find exhausting. WE are all being asked to accept the challenge of becoming who we truly are. Do you accept and love yourself? Do you worry and concern yourself over trivia, allowing comments or actions of others to offend you?

Stop. Rest. Go outside into nature and feel the weather on your skin, talk to the trees, enjoy the abundance of flowers. Allow your mind to be still. Please learn to share the compassion you extend to others with your own dear self – be kind to yourself, be mindful of your energy levels and allow God and the angels to soothe and bathe you in a tide of love.

You will not fail. There is NO failure. Only different pathways. Believe in yourself, trust your inner wisdom and Divine guidance and you will accomplish your goals just as your higher-self intends.”

To help us lighten up in this intense energy, let’s focus on the joy and freedom offered by the Archangel Zadkiel. Here’s a short meditation you might like to try. It’s very effective.

14-Presence_150Sitting comfortably, concentrate on your breathing and close your eyes.
 Focus on your ‘third eye’, the point between your eyebrows, which some believe to be the seat of your soul, and imagine a beautiful violet light. See the light grow into a beautiful violet ball before you, spreading around and through you like a soothing purple mist, and allow all negativity to melt away.

Ask the Archangel Zadkiel to transmute all negative or heavy feelings into positive Light energy as you imagine your body bathed in the purple/violet colour. Talk to your self in a loving calm voice. Remind yourself that you are a positive successful person, that you can do anything you set your mind to, that you love and believe in yourself and trust that you will always be in the right place at the right time to achieve your life purpose.

Repeat to yourself three times ‘I believe in myself, I believe in myself, I believe in myself’.

Now watch the beautiful violet energy as it swirls around you, moving down from your crown through your body to your feet, soothing and affirming your sense of purpose. Then watch as it rises back slowly above your head and blends with the universal energies. Thank yourself and the angels for their assistance in this process and bring yourself back into the present moment fully knowing that you are motivated, positive and successful.

If you need personal support, or spiritual advice, you would be warmly welcomed through a one-to-one session with me by telephone or Skype. Just visit the booking page here: http://www.angellight.co.uk/onetoone/index.html