Many people think of Archangel Raphael as the great healer… which of course he is… but if that wasn’t enough, this beloved celestial power house of energy offers us even more! For instance, were you aware that Archangel Raphael is also the angel of consecration? Each of the Archangels has a particular energetic vibration which we connect with, on a spiritual level, with our thoughts and intentions. This means that it is Raphael energy you are tapping into (even if you do not use his name) whenever you choose to cleanse and purify your sacred space, your aura or altar or even an area in the garden where you might want to create a sacred ceremony.

disertBefore any talk or workshop I will call in angelic energy to create a sacred space, having first cleared the room with incense and prayer.This calls the angels closer to us and co-creates a peaceful and healing space. But the natural places of beauty in our natural world seem to hold a tangible spiritual energy which is deeper and more connected to the sacred than any actual building. Most recently, just this last weekend in Ireland, I was taken to an ancient sacred site in Co. Donegal where beautiful higher spiritual energies were evident everywhere.

Sensitive people, those we call ’empaths’, can physically feel positive and negative energies wherever they go, energy from places as well as people. It may make them excellent healers, but it can be rather scary at times. Some of you who have read my book Gifts from Angels may remember how hard it was for me to settle when I moved from London into this area of north Essex. I was energetically tuning in to many poor souls as I drove through the country lanes. Even though most other people couldn’t really grasp what I was talking about. In my mind’s eye I could see all sorts of people from different eras throughout history standing by the roadside. Archangel Gabriel is the bearer of the incoming and outgoing soul, but it is Raphael energy that heals the heart (or emotional body), and creates a sacred golden Light Portal through which the lonely soul can return to the Divine when he or she is ready. Then it is this Raphael energy which consecrates the place of passing and creates a sacred space, thus cleansing and removing any negative energy from the place itself.

AngelInsight_Raphael2As you go about your travels you might find yourself in a building or walking through an place where you too feel a strange chilling negative energy. Sometimes it is a feeling you can’t explain but that makes you nervous or just feels like a strange ‘cold spot’. This is a perfect time to call your guardian angel to come close to you, just by sending a silent request from the heart. Ask that your own energy be protected and then breathe deeply down through your body and ‘ground’ your energy into the earth. If it feels right and you wish to serve in this way, call upon Archangel Raphael offering your services, and imagine a bright golden spotlight shining down from the Heavens above, warming and cleansing the place and opening a portal – a sacred gateway – for the negative energy or trapped soul to pass through. If you can sit and focus on visualising then the effect will be stronger. If you do not feel ready for this kind of spiritual work, don’t worry that’s fine, your prayer of love and an intention to bring light to the area will be equally appreciated by our heavenly guides.

Many people are working in this way just now, and they are known as ‘Gate-keepers’. It is like a clearing process in which the angels are engaging with us by using our human embodiment to anchor the light and assist in a sacred procedure for ‘lost and lonely’ souls to return home, enabling them to pass through to the next dimension. Whether or not you feel ready to serve with the angels in this way is entirely up to you. You might find that gradually the feelings get stronger, and you become aware of the angels around you more closely. Some people see orbs and shimmers of light, while others might just have a sense that they are not alone. Either way it is essential to protect your own energy whenever you get one of these ‘shivvery feelings’, by imagining a bright bubble of divine angelic light all around you, then to thank the angels afterwards and if at all possible drink some water to replace your energy and rehydrate your body system. Be assured that as soon as you become aware of this process other experienced people, or perhaps one of the ‘gate-keepers’ will ‘miraculously’ come into your life and mention it to you… by Divine coincidence… then if you wish they may help you and encourage you further. This is the angels’ way of recruiting, gathering, teaching and empowering those of us who are ready to serve in this way. Perhaps the powerful Archangel Raphael energy is calling you… ?

Affirmation for working with Archangel Raphael

“Archangel Raphael, I am open and ready to serve in the Light of the angels. I ask that I will recognise those people who will teach and empower me to use my energy for the highest possible good. Strengthen and empower me that I may serve to the best of my ability, by example and with love.”