solar-eclipseIf rushing about trying to get all the children (of all ages) ready for the big return to school wasn’t enough of a climax to end the summer – September kicks off with a Solar Eclipse.

Many sensitive people reading this will be feeling under pressure right now and possibly even exhausted, not quite themselves! When a Solar Eclipse arrives it always shines a golden light on our shadows bringing them into full view. Even though we may not be aware it is even happening these powerful energies effect us all. When this happens in the sign of Virgo the influence is to get your house in order! At the same time we have another opportunity to reflect while Mercury is retrograde, so the advice from all the good astrologers is listen to the calling of your soul. (If you would like to know more I recommend

With all the current disarray in governments worldwide it isn’t just our own home we have to try to get into shape. Big changes are happening, everywhere. To go along with the flow may be easy for some but not all sensitive types. There can be fear mixed with confusion. For the faithful it’s all about having trust. But as spiritual beings and Light Workers we are all being called as Spiritual Warriors, we are needed to do our bit. To find out how you can do more the planets are giving the perfect opportunity to go deep into your heart and check out whether you are following your true soul’s purpose. If you feel confused then call in your celestial helpers. The angels are there to guide and protect. When you call they hear you and will always help… it’s just that sometimes we choose not to listen!

We all need to be in the right place, at the right time, for inspiration and motivation. I’d love to be able to share more of my enthusiasm for working with the angels and share my tried and tested ways to deepen that connection.