stkatherines01I’m writing my blog today from the Essene Summer Gathering in the beautiful countryside House of Saint Katherine’s of Parmoor in Buckinghamshire. It is a wonderful old place with a really interesting history. Having been used as a residence for King Zog of Albania and then a convent for a high church Anglican order, it was then taken over by Lady Ryder of Warsaw (better known as Sue Ryder). She envisaged that the house would be her ‘Powerhouse of Prayer’ and it is here our Essene group meet regularly to commune with nature and meditate with the angels. We have been to many venues (where staff have often been intrigued as to what we actually do) and always seem to raise the energy, leaving a sense of peace and love when we leave.

Lots of us ‘tune in’ to God and the angels regularly, whether we belong to a particular community, healing group, church, or not. But the power of ‘many’ is magnified. Group meditation and raising the energy to a higher vibration has become an essential part of my soul’s mission, and helping to bring people together, even if only for a day at my workshops, is a passionate aspect of my work.

IMG_6210Being in the Holy Land with like-minded people is very special indeed. People who have an understanding of how energy works, the power of thought, intention and working with the Light. I took every opportunity to gather the group together in sacred sites to send our love and healing energy to anyone who needs it, and the rest of the world. One of these very blessed moments was at the pools of Bethseda. Do you remember from your childhood the stories of the many miracles of Jesus? One was of a crippled man who was unable to walk. His friends, who had heard of Jesus’ powerful healing, lowered him through the roof of a building on his mattress and down to the pool where Jesus was teaching. Jesus, seeing the desperation and determination of removing a roof so that the man could be by his feet, told him to get up, roll up his bed and walk, that his faith had restored him to health.

The pool still exists after more than two thousand years, and here we stood, looking at it. I called the everyone together and asked them all to stand in a circle and hold hands. Creating a chain of love and positive intention we held a moment of silence, concentrating our energy in this miraculous place, for the healing of who ever should need it. First within the group, then to Israel and Palestine, and out to the whole of humanity and our Mother the Earth. It was quite emotional.

As each of us separately wandered around the Roman ruins surrounding the pool now, we had different, though similar, spiritual experiences of connection, remembrance and a deep sense of being of service. Had some of us been there before with Jesus, as Essenes? Possibly, probably, there were some strong feelings that we were.

Together at our Essene retreat here in Bucks, the conversation often turns to remembrance of ‘being there with Jesus’ and various past lives. For me that’s hugely interesting, but can be turned into romanticism by the ego, in less than a second!

It is important to realise whatever or whoever we think we might have been, we are here now, spirit in a human body, and it is in this moment that we need to concentrate our thoughts, intentions and the ‘Powerhouse of Prayer’ in the sacred depths of our being. It is now, in the home (our world) we have incarnated into, where each of us can create love and hold the seed of God’s Light in our own heart, and then by spreading it with our own actions, and prayers, we can all help to make a difference.