wisdomHave you been noticing any significant or strange sequential numbers recently? I am always glancing at the clock at 11.11. whether it is am or pm I seem to look at the same time. I also went cold when I noticed  that I had reached 111111 miles on my car and that I actually caught the mileometer changing to it. I almost stopped the car I was so taken aback. This kind of ‘numerological’ synchronicity has been happening to me (and my readers) so many times lately that I’ve decided to write about the vibration and message in numbers in my column for Spirit & Destiny magazine. I’ve also noticed that just as more people are becoming open to signs and symbols they are also recognising that this could be guidance from the angels. But I also like to understand the depth of significance and wisdom behind it too. Mathematicians understand numbers as a science and physicists relate mathematics to scientifically proverb patterns in what some of us would consider more of the mystery of creation. I’m fascinated by numbers even though maths was certainly not my best subject at school! The study of the qualities in numbers and their significance in life is called Numerology. A very ancient art, the Chinese use it in Feng Shui, and in Ancient Greece Pythagarus had a great understanding of the vibrational quality of numbers, which many numerologists have referred to over the generations.

All numbers have a positive and negative influence. The number one for example is be about originality, independence, creativity and leadership. It can also represent impatience, being headstrong and unstable (rather like standing on one leg). Number one relates to starting new projects, or new relationships, and can also prompt cutting off the past. Eleven is a master number and is hugely positive. Eleven can denote spiritual, humanitarian, intuitive and inspirational qualities. It can also warn against selfishness, lacking direction, being thickheaded and fanatical. So what on earth do so many ‘1’s showing up mean? We all know that angels send messages in many forms. The most commonly recognised is through music. Either the significance in the lyrics or vibration of the harmony will touch us and we will intuitively ‘hear’ the message, often as an emotion. Numbers, because of their enormously significant creative energy (whether we understand it or not) also have an affect on our personal vibration, as a quality.

So,  the answer to the mystery of 11:11 everywhere  is that  the angels are showing the same sign to so many of us, and with such clear repetition, so that we will do something about it!  It is a hugely important time in our planetary and human evolution and they are trying to encourage us and push us forward. When lots of ‘1’s show up it really is “all about you!”. You are intelligent, understanding, possibly inventive and creative as well as an inspiration to others… but be careful what you are thinking and doing right now. Your thoughts and actions are creating your reality and because you are in the processing of mastering something, (whatever that lesson is for you) you can choose how positive or negative that learning experience will be depending on how ego-centred or spiritually aware your thoughts are. You are whatever you decide to be, positive or negative. The success in ’11’  is in finding spiritual truths about life and existence that is as helpful to humanity as it is to you.
Those of you who follow my Facebook page will know that I’ve just experienced a whole new level of ‘firsts’. Number one showing its face again, this time not visually, but in a very experiential way. My first invitation to take part at an outdoor festival, (my first ever experience of a festival of this scale), the first time I’ve ever given a workshop in an outdoor ‘yurt’ and the very first time in almost twenty years that I was talking to so many people  who were lying on the floor relaxing on cushions. Fabulous. Seriously relaxed listening!

Oh, and not to forget my very first adventure in a hired Motor-home too. I soaked up the experience and loved it all. My gratitude to the Universe for continually pouring these blessings on me fills my heart. My cup overflows.
I’m given to believe that the high energy of the festival was no coincidence. On a far greater Cosmic level high vibrational frequencies were effective on the 8th of August which created another highly significant window of opportunity for change. If you do like numbers the significance is 8:8:8 (2+0+1+5 = 8) and 8 represents “as above-so below”. Those who are sensitive to it will be feeling the rush of energy brought about by this ‘speeding up’ or quickening of the spiritual energy surrounding our planet . It has been gathering momentum since August 2008 with a huge input on 12:12:12 . It affects us all, though some will be more aware of it than others. The pouring in of Divine Light brings unquantifiable opportunities for healing (of self, humanity and the planet), for moving forward to higher levels of understanding, wisdom and compassionate cooperation. But this raised awareness can also bring emotional upheaval, and a sense of being ‘over-whelmed’ for the highly sensitive among us. We must take care to nurture ourselves and support one another. And, for those who continue to remain with their head in the sand, listening only to their ego and not their higher being – stubbornly trampling over others, refusing to change their patterns and beliefs, oblivious of a need for more compassion and grace in the world – those who indeed find themselves in a different type of wilderness – we need to send love.