AngelInsight_Michael2Working with angels and becoming more compassionate doesn’t have to turn you into a doormat! There is nothing ‘soft’ about angels. Take a look at the representation (throughout history) of magnificent power portrayed in the many pictures of Archangel Michael. He is often depicted as Saint George slaying the dragon, and is always adorned in a breastplate for protection, and for good measure carries a sword. But is there more significance to the sword than simply as a weapon of defence? Certainly. The sword in Michael’s case is to protect us from harm, to cut through the dross, separate the wood from the trees, and release all the ties that bind us.

Let me explain what I mean by that. Think of all the self limiting thoughts that creep into our mind everyday. Reasons (and excuses) for not allowing ourself to be true to our purpose. The things in life that prevent you from doing what you would really like to do. For instance taking up an exercise or yoga class. How about re-training for that therapy you’ve always felt you’d like to learn? Keeping a journal, attending a workshop and so on. So many nudges we receive from our soul, that we push aside because we limit ourselves by finding reasons why not to succeed at something we would love to do.

These ‘excuses’ are real (in your head) aren’t they? They range from time constraints, child-care, expectations of others, job restrictions, too many responsibilities, money worries, and so the list goes on. Then there are those little niggles from childhood that remind us that we would probably not be very good at it anyway. Oh believe me, I know how it is, I’ve done it too!

Then as the messages become more frequent, the nudges more profound, we finally hear that call. Our soul cries: “Enough” …and we may suddenly find that we have no choice but change the situation, or become unwell.

Once we have decided to change, one of the most powerful tools the angels offer us as well as their love and support, is Michael’s sword of Truth. There are so many ways in which you can call upon Michael’s sword to help in everyday circumstances. All it takes is a few moments away from noise and distractions and the use of your imagination.

Think of all the marvellous opportunities and possibilities. You might like to take a moment to list ways you could use a sword in real life if all your restrictions were presented to you as real objects rather than abstract thoughts. If you think of all those ‘ties’ as ropes around your ankles would you use the sword to cut through and release them? If you were sitting in a hot air balloon but couldn’t rise up into the beautiful blue sky due to the weight of sand bags (your own limitations) around the sides, would you cut them free so you could rise up and soar above the trees? If all your baggage was being dragged behind you in a weighty fishing net tied to your waist, would you cut through it and set yourself free? There are lots of metaphors we could use. Maybe you’d like to pause at this point and reflect on some of your own?

Remember that we have been given angels to take care of us. That means take care of us body, mind and soul. Why not call upon the great sword of Michael now, and ask that he helps set you free from the ties you have created.

Don’t to forget that I’m always delighted to hear from you if you’d like to share your experiences. Just email me with your story.