AngelInsight_New_Beginnings2As this powerful New Year of 2014 is heralded in by a glorious New Moon (in Capricorn) we are truly blessed by a cosmic announcement of great opportunity for new beginnings and growth. How will you embrace this I wonder? I must admit that I have been reflecting on all the myriads of possibilities for myself today as I walked Daisy, our dog, through the muddy fields and country roads on what might have been one of her longest walks ever!

I was contemplating all the marvelous changes I might possibly make to my work, my life style, my finances, my friendships, how to improve my spiritual life/practice, and so on, and so on. Then the realisation hit me, that this was all ‘head-talk’ as usual. That my eagerness to ‘do the right thing’ was taking over (again) and my strong dynamic fire-sign tendency to rush about ‘doing’ was getting in the way of just ‘being’.

So as I settled into the rhythm of my walking feet and grounding myself, I began ‘feeling’ and allowing myself to sink into my heart to remember the truth of what I need to do/be. To enter into the energy and dynamic of this very auspicious year ahead, all I need is to fill my heart with gratitude and love. I called upon God’s grace, and all the angels to help me. I asked Archangel Michael for his power of discernment and protection, Gabriel for intuitive guidance, Jophiel for insight and enlightened wisdom, Raphael for the blessing of healing and knowledge, Zadkiel for personal transformation and enjoyment, Archangel Uriel for the energy and strength to continue serving as channel for Peace and Light, and Chamuel for the gift of abundant Love to share.

It soon became clear to me that as long as my deepest intentions are to align my spiritual work and personal life to the highest good, I can release myself from all the ‘ought to, need to and should do’s’ and simply allow.

And so, on the basis of feeling a lot ‘Lighter’, by simply allowing, may I now pass on my heartfelt wishes to you for an abundance of love, good health, and laughter as well as all the projects you might be planning for in 2014. May the angels continue to guide you, may your hopes and wishes be achieved – for the highest good of all – and may your friendships be many and your sorrows be few.

Happy New Year!

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