AngelInsight_Michael2One of the most powerful messages coming out of the USA this week was, for me, from Hilary Clinton in her concession speech when she addressed her followers the morning after her defeat in the race to the White House. She said: ” This loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”
Whatever your political views, and whether or not you believe the best man won America needs your Light and your prayers now. The world needs all our Light and our prayers. I, like many others had been watching the run up to the presidential election with disgust at the behaviour and some of the language of Donald Trump, and praying and asking for ‘the best possible outcome for the highest good”. Many spiritual leaders including James Twyman, who wrote in his newsletter today that he had prayed for the same, have put out messages that we have to trust that there is indeed a higher plan at work. That something really good, and surprising, will come out as a result of this situation.

This is a message urging you to open your heart, let harsh judgements turn into blessings, do not allow disillusionment to cast shadows on your enthusiasm for life, and never ever give fear a way in. Don’t let anyone suppress your passion to fight for a good cause, or to stand up for those who have no voice.

My father once told me that working with angels need not ‘make you soft’ … when you think of angels think of the power of the Light surrounding them that reflects power, light and love. And if ever you are scared, think big! After all there is nothing stronger or more awesome than the powerful presence of Archangel Michael.

I am calling on all you wonderful Earth Angels and Light Workers out there reading this. You all know who you are. If you have been waiting to find your purpose, this is it. Now is the time to believe in yourself as a beautiful being of powerful light, and shine it with all your might. Everything you have learned about working with the angels needs to come bubbling to the surface now as you gain confidence in saying what you know to be right, standing up for high standards of fair play, and share love and kindness in thoughts, words, and actions. Lets all put love into action and watch it spread.
I’m determined more than ever to put what I understand into practice and I hope you will share that passion too.