A message with mixed emotions this week.

AngelInsight_Strength2Firstly it’s May Day! Happy Beltane! I remember watching May Day parades with girls dressed in white, flowers in their hair, dancing around a Maypole with brightly coloured ribbons. But I don’t really ever remember it by its real name. apparently ‘taine’ means ‘fire’ in the traditional Celtic languages of Irish and Scottish and Bel is translated as meaning ‘Brilliant Light’ in Gaelic. The Celts would drive their herds between two fires which had been lit from nine sacred trees. This would cleanse, purify and protect their animals, and any one who jumped over or walked through the fire coals would receive the same reward. So in some areas fires are still lit and the ceremony continues.

However Beltane also represents the Divine marriage of masculine and feminine – the God and Goddess, and is often celebrated with a dance of maidens wearing flowers and men dressed in green. Beltane brings the beginning of Summer and all the abundance of flowers, the longer hotter days. One lovely tradition would be to fill a basket with flowers and take to someone who is unwell or elderly; bringing healing and beauty into their life. That’s one I’d like to recommend we continue!

On a completely different note, many of us will have been lighting candles, sitting in silence or praying in groups for all those affected by the terrible earthquake in Nepal, one of the most sacred areas in the world. Some of you may be questioning, and some may feel they have the answers. Light Workers and sensitives everywhere will have been affected deeply by this natural disaster , and the death of so many men, women and children. As well as sending financial donations and prayers, some may feel called to help lost souls gracefully into the Light. For those of you who are already experienced I offer no further advice. But if you feel drawn to help and are unsure of what to do may I suggest a beautiful blog post by my friend and colleague William Bloom.