AngelInsight_Support2Here we are almost at the end of January. Has it been a strange old month for me, a month of paperwork and planning. With the Capricorn new moon in the new year, we were all encouraged to set goals. Now, I’m reliably informed that in its current phase this unusually cooperative mood supports teamwork, negotiation, compromise, and the formation of helpful alliances. We are being encouraged to use our intuition to find and work with the partners who can help us … and who can, at the same time use our help. In the spirit of kindness and cooperation the relationships and benefits we build now could bring dividends to enjoy well into the future.

For any of you interested in the Chinese New Year you will also know that we are racing towards the year of the Wood Horse. A year of taking the reins and making sure we have made the right decisions, as the energy of this year will take us racing the course… so we had better be clear, and work out which direction is the right one for us!

In all of the forward planning it is sometimes easy to get wrapped up in what ‘we’ want. Being focussed and dynamic is great, but with too much pressure the work load (even an over-whelming desire to serve) can take its toll on our family life, and our health.

One of the greatest human challenges – from my experience – is balance. It can be hard to remember that while we are rushing ahead in our desire to achieve we must also remember to be kind. I once knew a lady who put a little sticker on every envelope she ever sent in the post. So I copied it and pinned it to the back of my cloakroom door. It said :

“Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty” (Anne Herbert) and another inspiring and lovely saying from Taoism: “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” (Lao Tzu)

We sometimes need to be reminded to be kind to those who do not go as fast as we do, kind to those who have different ideas and opinions, and kind to ourselves. We need to nurture our friendships and relationships to others; feed our minds with healthy sustaining and positive thoughts; support our spiritual growth with regular connection with nature and meditative practices; and support our physical body with plenty of rest, good food, and exercise. All this while, in many cases, looking after a home and family and earning a living!


A great way to be kind to yourself, and to fulfil just about all the above, is to take a holiday or retreat. I’d like to invite you to combine a holiday and retreat, by joining me in the gorgeous unspoilt West Crete.

Group retreats are always different. Dynamics can change depending on the character and personality of each of the participants, but whether peaceful, challenging, demure or hilarious, each retreat is always another step towards our spiritual goal… and always, without exception, nourishment for the soul.

My 2014 Angels Abroad retreat will be in July and I sense that this will be a powerful experience and a catalyst for great change for all of us. I hope you’ll consider joining me.

Full details are at the website