You may remember that I wrote about the great shift of the 21st December 2012 which launched us firmly into the Aquarian Age. Many portals, or gateways, were opened between our earth planes and the heavenly realms so that those of us who can, and are willing, may gather and serve to anchor this Light energy wherever it is needed most.

Since then we have been experiencing the most amazing ‘quickening’ with solar flares, massive full moons, and planetary alignments which, if you are a ‘sensitive’, you will most certainly have been affected by. It is almost impossible for most of us not to be affected by this celestial outpouring of Light energy.

This particular weekend of the Vernal Equinox 2014 – the first weekend of Spring, is hugely important, and many Lightworkers all over the world are linking to take part in an event of great significance. WE are being called to raise our vibration; to open our heart chakra as wide as we can and allow the energetic impulse of the Heavenly Order to work through us here on Earth. Many of you are feeling a desire to change your lifestyle, your diet, your jobs and even in some cases your partners or friends. Some people don’t quite know why this is happening, others know that they are, in some small way, experiencing a ‘shift’, they are making a difference, and changing the dense, often negative energy of history, into a lighter more positive space.

Of course the 20th March was the key day, the first day of Spring. You may have held your own personal ceremony. At noon on Saturday 22nd I shall be holding a prayerful meditation with several Essene friends as we hold our AGM in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Would you join in from wherever you are with a few moments of focussed intent? Just stop what you are doing and close your eyes – for a few moments – and send your thoughts and blessings to the angels. Perhaps you would like to offer your self in service for the highest good, and wait to see where you are led.

If you have nothing else organised this weekend, may I suggest you take a walk in nature and ground your own beautiful light and energy through your physical body, breathing it down and through you into our great mother, the Earth. Or, find a space indoors where you can light a candle, play some beautiful music and engage in a ceremony of your own. Perhaps you would like to reflect on all the beauty in the world, your own achievements, foods you enjoy, music and people you find amusing or uplifting, works of art that inspires you, and those whom you love dearly in your life, whether family, friends or spiritual teachers.

If you have an open fire or burner write down something which you can and are prepared to change and ceremoniously burn it… or if you are digging in the garden place your piece of paper into the earth… letting it go back to God. Then decide what you are going to do to make a difference in some way… even if it is smiling at a stranger every time you leave the house, or resolving to take a breath before reacting to provocation. Some people may start a small meditation or healing group, or join one. The new age is about communication, and community, harmony and humanity. The more of us who agree to take part in anything which raises awareness and brings a renewed energy of generosity and kindness, then the more of us are putting ‘Love into Action’. What a beautiful thought. Heavenly!

There are lots of workshops and events coming up over the next few months. I will be in Hertfordshire again for a full day workshop on 6th April, at the Mrs Howard Hall, Norton Way South, Letchworth, Herts, organised by,

The following weekend I’m in York, the county where I was born, at the Health & Healing Festival (York Racecourse). Do come along and give your support if you are in the area, we’re sure to have a great time, and I guarantee the angels will ensure you come away inspired.

Have a wonderful, delightfully renewing and meaningful equinox weekend.