AngelInsight-landscape-GrowthIt was a beautiful clear night here in north Essex last night and I was very taken with how beautiful the stars were shining through the period of the Autumnal equinox. I reflected back and remembered being very touched by a story told during a lecture at university. It was at the end of the session on Buddhism. The vision of the story has stayed with me and I tell it often, however the original context and some of the detail has faded away.

It refers to Indra, the great God of the skies who threw a large net out into the heavens of infinite size and infinite beauty in order to protect and nurture everything below. At each knot in the net was sewn a large jewel. All the jewels hang there for eternity suspended like all the stars in the night skies. The beauty and light of every jewel reflects back the light and beauty of all the others.

We are just like the precious jewels in Indra’s net, as we shine our light it is reflected back by someone else, and then someone else, and someone else, on into infinity. Every small act of kindness, every smile in passing, is meaningful and carries an energy of loving light which just like the jewels of Indra’s net will be reflected around us in the present and continue on into the future.

The groups of lovely people attending my workshops are like stars shining heart felt energy behind warm smiles. One of my passionate wishes is that I’d love to help create a whole galaxy of small star-filled satellite groups of spiritual students and like-minded people wherever I go. This would form a network of support for people to meet for sharing enthusiasm and empowerment, and to reflect this wonderful light in all corners of our country, even the world!

If you’ve been to one of my workshops you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you feel you would like to host a home group, either for studying the Educating Heart & Soul course or to share your spiritual journey with others in your area do let us know and we will (with your permission) put your details ‘out there’ in a newsletter so that those around you can find you, and another cluster of stars will be born. Lets work at making this happen, creating the space to shine our brightest everywhere.