Here we are almost through January already, (and slap bang in the middle of a Mercury retrograde) so it is a great time to assess whether or not you are achieving your New Year’s resolution? I have every sympathy if you are not doing very well, or even if you’ve given up and thrown in the sponge! To be honest I think when the blessing of ‘will power’ was being given out I might have been looking the other way! Not to say that I can’t dig in my heals and stick to something I set my mind to, but lets face it we do have to be in the ‘right mood’. Diets, exercise regimes, new practices and letting go of addictions are really not that easy.

14-Presence_150Some of the hardest situations are those related to addiction of one type or another. We are not only addicted to food and become overweight or to certain foods like chocolate or coffee, alcohol, drugs (including miss-use of pain relief), or nicotine. Many of us are addicted to work ;even when our hours are finished we take our work home, or cannot leave a project until the early hours. Some people cannot resist being in constant contact with others permanently glued to their mobiles, checking for messages even when eating or out with friends. In some cases it’s not just physical, but we become psychologically addicted approval, or to being needed. We may even develop a sense of becoming indispensable. In all cases help is at hand.

The angel to help with addictions is the beneficent Archangel Zadkiel, the bearer of an energy called the ‘Violet Flame’, and by learning to tune in with 100% desire to let go of your addiction Zadkiel will help you every time. The key is wanting to give up your addiction. (Of course in some cases you may also need medical help if the addiction is drugs or medication, or is linked to serious illness.)

Light a violet coloured candle, perhaps placing an amethyst crystal close by, dedicating the time to sit quietly, closing your eyes and relaxing, focus on releasing your addiction. Calling his name three times say: “Zadkiel, Zadkiel, Zadkiel … . I ask your help in releasing myself from any negative patterns which tie me to my addiction. I release my addiction to the powerful energy of the Violet Flame and I ask that all negative thoughts of myself and my addiction be melted away and transmuted into positive energy that will enable me to succeed. Thank you.”

Now sit and imagine the beauty and warmth of the violet flame surrounding you and clearing away all negativity associated with your addictive habits, leaving you strong and positive.