It’s ages since I wrote anything about connecting to Guardian Angels, I seem to have got sidetracked by the ‘Big Seven’ Archangels.


1. Give them a name

It doesn’t really matter whether your guardian angel has a name or not, but it’s a human need to use names in order to form relationships. To this end, finding a name to use is a good way to help you link with your guardian. Some people adopt a name that comes into their head, or they hear it being called and it stands out to them. It doesn’t matter if you call them ‘Fred’ or a more celestial name like ‘Auriel’– what counts is that you feel comfortable with it. And don’t think that the Archangels can’t be your guardian too… of course they can!

2. Ask for help

AngelInsight_Comfort2Ask your angel to help you, and let them know how. Simply say, for example, ‘Angel [name] please come close and comfort me.’ Or you could say, ‘Angel, I’m struggling with… please find me a human being who has skills in the area I need.’

You can say this out loud or in your head. Many people find it easier to write their request down. Afterwards, say thank you, letting your angel know you have finished your request and acknowledging that you recognise and are grateful for their help.


3. Use angelic decorations

Decorate your home with symbols of angels in the form of figurines, candles, pictures and so on. Angel-decorated household items are all over my home. It’s not that you’re worshipping angels (you are honouring and valuing their presence), it’s so that each time you see one of your angels it will remind you that you have  guardian angels in you life.

4. Wear angel jewellery

This especially goes for angel pins, some of which even say, ‘Protected by angels.’ They’re cheap enough that you could pin one on to every jacket and coat. It makes your request clear to the angels: ‘Jump in, any time!’  I have noticed lots of lovely earrings and necklaces with wings, just like the ones I like to wear. Choose soothing that represents how you feel about the angelic realms.

5. Keep an angel diary

This is a special notebook you can keep by your bed, along with a pen, to record the magic that happens in your life. You might like to add pictures and stickers. What you write in your journal is unique to you but here are a few suggestions:

  • Angel poetry. Make your own up or include one of the greats by William Blake and Shakespeare.
  • Good news, things that inspire you.
  • Burning questions you might have for your angels (leave a space to follow up any signs you receive as aresult.)
  • Pictures printed from the internet, angel postcards, stickers or images from magazines.
  • Photos of the ‘angels’ in your life (both living or deceased). These are people who have behaved likeangels and helped you in some way.
  • Your angel experiences.
  • Your own illustrations or doodles.
  • Dreams you feel were significant – jot them down as soon as you wake up, leaving space to follow up.
  • Angel card readings (where you pick a card from a special pack to focus on for guidance).

However you choose to connect more deeply, the main thing to remember is that you are loved and protected. Always. Angels don’t judge you for having a ‘bad day’. They resonate to the high vibrational energy of love, so if you are feeling down or disconnected don’t despair and think they have gone away. It means your energy has become heavy, so it is harder for them to get through to you. Find something to help you ‘lighten up’ by meditating with one of your beautiful pictures, or with angelic music, or get out into nature and feel the breeze and smell the trees. You’ll soon be uplifted and regain that link.