chrissie_holylandsI spend so much of my time travelling. Sometimes other people tell me I never stop. But that’s not actually true. It is their perception. I spend lots of ‘stop’ time too. Meditating in my garden with the flowers and birds is one of my greatest early morning pleasures. Whether you are like me and travel because it is part of your work, or simply because you like to get about we can make it as hard work or as pleasurable as we wish. By becoming more ware, more mindful of each moment we can add or detract from the experience.
We know that life is a journey. We are all travelling through it together, wherever or whoever we are, in our own corner of the world. More of us are coming to understand that what we see isn’t actually how life is, we have our unique perception, our own reality. Every step of the way creates something new – sometimes exciting and sometimes challenging – but always a situation from which to learn, and grow.

From start to finish we are, I believe, guided by Light Beings that we call angels who show us the way. Sometimes we simply forget that we are living in a wonderful Divine creation because we, as human beings, just want to be in control. Some haven’t even thought of opening their hearts to hear the angelic guidance. Many don’t stop to wonder about anything other than their schedule of ‘wants’, their list of requirements from their day, year, life. We human beings need to control our finances, our home-life, and sometimes other people too. Yet if we all stopped occasionally to take stock of our own ideas and thoughts, our words and actions rather than trying to manipulate things to go in the direction we want (even though we feel our way is often the best, or only way) our life would be more harmonious, joyful and perhaps healthier too. Many of us live in a busy, bustling environment, but does it have to be ‘every man’ for himself’?

Recent events remind us how well we react to adversity, how kind and thoughtful we are when other people are in trouble. These are the people who’s eyes and ears are open and ready to listen to the guidance of angels. To be there, in the right place, at the right time. It is my observation (and many of you too) that we are always in the right place for what we need to learn, and the way we learn will depend on how we face up to it. Whatever ‘it’ is in each situation. By tuning in to the universal energies and observing the signs – or listening to the angelic whispers we call our intuition – we can learn quickly, or slowly. Our choice entirely.

When we try to design each day to suit our needs, and control the outcomes, don’t we lose something ? Don’t we lose a little of the spontaneity perhaps? If our schedules are filled with things we think we have to do (entirely our own choice) with back to back appointments so that we are always rushing off wearing blinkers and missing the beauty around us, without any real heart connection with those we are dealing with, without stopping to ‘smell the roses’ are we not missing the real reasons for life?

As each day, week, month passes do you wonder what happened and where it went to? There are so many ways we can make more of the day. I’ll bet there are some great ideas out there, and many will be doing lots of ‘connecting’ to angels and nature in so many different ways. Sometimes we don’t even give it any thought, do we? How and when do you pause and watch nature? (You don’t have to live in the country to connect with it. There are trees, flowers, birds, animals all around us if we look for them). Are you one of those sky-gazers’ who loves looking at the clouds, even if it is as you arrive home from work. Or feeling your feet on the ground and engaging with Mother Earth as you walk the pavements? How about taking a few minutes instead of glancing through Facebook to reflect on your relationships, how well are you listening to those around you? And what about your relationship to self? How’s that going? Are you listening to your soul?
These are the moments when life becomes a much more exciting and engaging journey, filled with a renewed richness and abundance. Our perception of life is how we create it. I’ve met people with nothing, yet share what they have with no sense of lack, and many who have so much yet constantly complain and want more. It’s a funny old world!

How is it for you? How’s your journey going?