AngelInsight_Guidance2For many, angels are part of everyday life. However, I am often asked why some people see angels (clairvoyance), where others feel them (clairsentience) or hear them (clairaudience) while others struggle to connect at all. It’s easy to allow yourself to feel inferior if other people seem to connect with the heavenly realms more easily than you can, or in different ways.

But we all have unique skills, and we all like to do things in our own special way. We experience energy in different ways, and we can train our senses to become more sensitive.

In my classes, I often demonstrate the different ways we can connect and communicate with spiritual beings, and angels in particular, by asking everyone to think back to when they were at school. Try to remember if you learned best by reading, listening, writing, or experiencing things for yourself. This will give you a clue as to whether the messages from angels will come to you via the written word, through the lyrics of a song, or via automatic writing, or perhaps by being in a place at the right moment and experiencing remarkable coincidences and synchronicity.

Another way to reassure yourself of your effective communication skills when working with the angels is to focus on a really, happy memory. Close your eyes and spend a few minutes immersing yourself in the memory; taking in the colours, sounds, people, voices, smells, textures, temperature and how the memory makes you feel emotionally. Ask yourself whether it is the colour or the sounds, the voices, the temperature, the smell of fragrances, or the warm emotional feeling it leaves you with. Very often, one sensation stands out more clearly and this will be the mode of connection you’ll find easiest to use when connecting with angels.

For example, if it’s the colours you remember most clearly, it’s likely that the angels will appear to you in the form of colour surrounding you, flickering in your peripheral vision, or as brightly coloured light in your meditations. If it’s the sounds you recollect, then look for answers through the spoken word or random songs you hear on the radio. Strong fragrances often indicate the presence of angels, so if you remember the smells from your memory really clearly, then smell is a clear sign for you (some people identify the scent of roses, jasmine or incense when angels are around) . Temperature can change when angels or guides are present because of the sudden change in the energy/atmosphere around you, and some people feel a coldness like a sudden draft, or a breath of warm air, or prickly skin sensations. If the most distinctive sensation when you recall a happy memory is warmth, or cold or or a change of atmosphere, it’s likely that you’ll ‘feel’ the angels’ messages within you, as a deep sense of ‘knowing’ what it is you are being told.

It’s really important that we learn to accept and develop our own unique attributes and gifts. All communication with the angels takes a little getting used to, but the thing to remember is that the angels want to communicate with you. Ask that they send their messages to you in a way that is unique to you, and that you will understand. You can call to them telepathically in your mind, or out loud as if you were calling to a friend, if you are alone.

When I first started this work fifteen years ago I’d ask for a sign to confirm that I had made the right decision about something, but then not trust that the response I’d asked for was enough. I would ask for another sign and another sign until I couldn’t possibly have any more doubts. Luckily angels are blessed with patience!