img_8362This year we have decorated our house with even more lovely twinkling lights and the shrubs outside have a sparkle that welcomes and warms as people drive down our lane . Thanks to LED we no longer have the worry of light-bulbs. Do you remember when just one bulb could affect the whole string of lights so that they wouldn’t work until you had stretched out the whole lot on the floor to find which of the bulbs had expired- twisting each one of them gently in an effort to get them all to work? All part of the fun and excitement of the run up to Christmas, wasn’t it?

Every year I love to see the lights shining and I am always cheered and filled with a lovely inner glow too. I often think how lovely it would be if as we all noticed the Christmas lights on trees and round gardens and roof tops that we just paused and reflected on what it represents. If each tree had only one tiny bulb it would be shining away merrily regardless of how many other bulbs were lit. But when there are strings of 250 bulbs, 500, 1000 how much more sparkle and light does that give when they are all shining together? (albeit in often in sequence).
Like a practical spiritual life isn’t it? Imagine – like in the words of John Lennon – our world If we all tried to be as light-hearted and upbeat, shining our light as bright as we can, and even though other people’s behaviour shows that we are not all the same imagine how bright our own patch of the world would become? Sometimes I admit to losing a little energy and my light might grown dim but thats often if I’ve not replenished my inner batteries.

I have a theory that once you have ignited that spark within and then turn it up to full brightness the angels ascend to you, they pick up your high voltage vibration and within a twinkling of an eye suddenly everything begins to look different. I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends, peers, and all the wonderful people I meet as I travel around working who carry the brightest of spiritual lights. And I only have to read the newsfeed of my social media to see how many other lights there are shining out there too.

So as you pass the twinkling Christmas lights do smile and remember that they represent all the light energy of thousands, no millions, of loving hearts all individually shining their light together.
Have a wonderful Christmas!