I have just returned from one of the most valuable and wonderful trips ever!

I have been hearing the distant call of Iona, the sacred and magical Isle in the Hebrides of west Scotland, for many years. At last the opportunity came for me to re-visit the source of mysterious spiritual influence felt by my father almost sixty years ago. This was one of his favourite places, in the world. Now I can understand why.

11160659_723696681072080_1032616751921136881_nAs you know, it’s vital for our health, wellbeing and spirituality to keep our thoughts flowing freely, like a beautiful flowing stream. If we allow them to ‘stagnate’ by dwelling on mundane concerns then our emotions can become blocked and our spirit becomes disconnected from the flow of loving universal energy. These blockages can and often do, lead to disease. I think we all understand this. Our group was hosted by a wonderful woman from Holland, whose openness and love was generously shared with us all. All the other guests shared, as we did, and together we co-created the most astonishing Solstice experience. I had no expectations at all, and did no research before going there. I knew that this Island holds tremendous mystery and healing powers of love and peace. I also understand on an esoteric level that it is one of the ‘Ashrams’ or centres of heightened spiritual energy of the ‘White Dove’ (St Columba), and there is a strong sense of both Archangel Michael, and Uriel, for me. The sense of the Holy Spirit, Divinity, whatever, or how ever you personally relate to that energy is undeniably right there. In all its glory and grace.

Because I felt ‘open’ to receive whatever gifts were for me of learning, healing, and delight that were destined to come my way ~ I came home enlightened, greatly healed, and totally delighted! In fact as I write this I still feel the sense of continued healing and self-realisation working through me. I feel more than grateful, more than very blessed. It is hard to relate my experience to language.

Sometimes we find ‘going with the flow’ a little tricky because we may feel uncertain, or fearful. But it’s not about losing control, or going with other people’s views on life. The advice of the wise, and the angels, is to follow your intuitive guidance, your inner wisdom and the signs brought to you by heavenly messages in life’s coincidences and synchronicities. Going with the flow means learning to be trusting and open to change, and not block the signs or the energy, even when it may feel a little strange sometimes. All situations, every one of them, have a gift within.

AngelInsight_Fluidity2However, angels also advise a little caution. Learn and practice the power of discernment. Listen and observe your physical sensations carefully as your body knows and works with you when you listen to it. A beautiful stream (and flow of energy) may seem enticing but there is nothing wrong with watching it for a while before ‘leaping in’. You might like to test the water to see how deep and which direction it is flowing too.

To help you the Angel of Fluidity advises you to focus on all the good things in life, to keep the currents of positive energy flowing and if negative thoughts of arise, notice them and in your mind allow them to pass. When this happens you can lift your energy and your spirits by pausing for a moment, take a few deep breaths, recall a happy occasion with all the sights and sounds, colours and fragrances, and focus on how good that felt. Hold that warm feeling and allow it to flow throughout your whole body. Then you are in a better place to move into whatever beautiful situation arises before you.

“I allow myself to flow with ease in the universal river of life”

May the wondrous gifts of the Divine flow to you, and through you. And the blessings I share from my wonderful visit to Iona be yours.