AngelInsight_GrowthDuring a telephone conference call with some of my students I was describing the importance of working with Archangel Gabriel and the root chakra. Although Gabriel is not the angelic guardian purported take care of our ‘root’ there is a strong and valuable connection. Not only because we need to anchor ourselves deep into our body before opening ourselves to the power and light of this angel in meditation, but also because the stronger the root itself the stronger and more stable our personal growth.

As you will already know it is Archangel Gabriel who arrives on the scene at the beginning of a new age. The angel of Annunciation, of death and re-birth, of ends and new beginnings, she brings brightness, great joy and hope, lights the way forward and whispers messages of encouragement and creative wisdom in our ears. She sows seeds and instigates change. Most of us have heard of this angel because it is Gabriel who makes a huge presence at the birth (and conception) of some of our great leaders and works of spiritual significance. As you know it was Gabriel who announced the coming of the birth of Jesus, told of John the Baptist’s birth and dictated the Qu’ran to Mohammed.

We may not all be great leaders, but when we decide to notice the changes in our own life, and feel guided to live with more awareness and consciousness it is often because we too are being guided by angels. Spiritual messengers who whisper, nudge and leave signs for us to notice their presence. All this to help us become the authentic being we set out to be.

Lots of us know about the chakras. We know the word comes from India, and in Sanskrit means ‘wheel’. Mystics and medicine men were able (and still are) to see the flow of energy spinning like a vortex (hence the name ‘wheel’). These are situated at certain areas running up the front and back of our physical bodies, on our hands and the soles of our feet. Not everyone can see this movement of energy with the naked eye, but healers are often able to feel the energy – or lack of – at these points.

When we are concentrating on our spiritual development we sometimes get persuaded to focus on our upper chakras from the heart upwards. Of course we need to fully open our heart, work on our throat, feel safe to tune in to our ‘third eye’ and then understand the divine connection with our crown and God, whatever that means for you. But, and here comes the point I’m making here, unless we have strengthened and worked through all the lower chakras in the lower half of our bodies we become totally out of balance.

The beginning, the root, is hugely important in spiritual development. ‘Our’ roots are immensely significant in determining how, why, where, and when we embark on any spiritual journey. If Gabriel does indeed arrive in our lives to light the way forward, then surely it is vitally important to gain an understanding into how we got to where we are now.
Working with our root chakra energy enables us to understand and work out more clearly who we are, and how we arrived at this place. After all, if we are ever lost, we cannot choose the right direction until we establish our whereabouts first. We need some kind of map.

Take a look at your own feet, legs and hips. Are you fully comfortable? Are you happy with the direction you are following, the path you walk? Are there any issues from childhood (up to the age 7) that perhaps you haven’t quite dealt with, or indeed healed? Are you happy with and made peace with your ancestry, your parents? And, in particular, did your mother enjoy her pregnancy with you, were you conceived in love, and did you have an easy birth? This all has a significant affect on your root. Maybe its time to take a closer look? Send back loving gratitude to those happy days and thank your wonderful self for the joys of childhood. Maybe for some of us it also includes some release work, some healing or forgiveness too perhaps?

In my work with people through the seven steps of spiritual growth towards empowerment and enlightenment it has become clearer and clearer that we all want to enhance our spiritual connection as quickly as possible. But for me the best way, by far, with the knowledge that there are in fact no short cuts, is to start at the very beginning.