I want to shout “Help! What’s happening ?” Is the whole of Britain turning grey? It seems that every time I leave my home another whole house in the village has been painted grey. Grey is spreading across windows and doors, and into the homes. All fashionable home accessories are grey. Sofas and bed linen, wall paper, tiles, and even towels… everything is turning grey. Oh, no! What are we doing? It may look smart and is certainly popular as the latest fashion colour but grey is creeping across the land like an epidemic, insidiously turning everything drab, dull and life-less. Stripping away the colours of life.

After the stormy rain and gusty rain hammering against my window pane during the early hours, the morning sunshine and bright blue sky was a welcome relief. I’ve realised that for me the blue sky is an essential element of my sense of wellbeing. But isn’t that the same for us all? Grey skies bring us down. Don’t they?

Driving through the lanes here in the Essex countryside I never cease to marvel as the wondrous colours in Autumn’s palette are still evident even in December though many of the trees have shed their leaves, and affirm how much the colours in nature mean to us all. We post wonderful scenic photographs on social media of beautiful flowers and art – we all love vibrant interesting photographs, as well as the  sharpness of black and white. But colour, in all its various shades, affects everything. Colour is not just reflected in mother nature herself but in us. Look how many shades there are to our skin tone, our eyes, our hair. And the ‘Light’ within our own bodies contains coloured particles too (if you’ve read Seven Steps into Angel Light you’ll have learned that camera equipment can now pick up the violet light within our own DNA cells).

So what is it about a colour that draws us? Think of how much we love seeing rainbows. Are they not full of joy? Colours have their own vibration, their own qualities, and we know they relate to each of our chakras. Would it surprise you to know that we are all made up of all these different colour qualities, and that depending on how little or how much we have of each will effect our personality and the choices we make in partnerships, career and other major  life choices (as well as the clothes we wear and the colours we decorate our home). Colour, and our perceptions of it, affects everything.

Like many other so called ‘New Age’ complimentary therapists in the 1970s, my mother became fascinated by many methods of healing and trained as a colour therapist whilst living in America. She linked it with the numerology and was able to give readings, based on a person’s full name and date of birth, as to which colours were most prevalent in their very ‘being’ (sometimes seen in the aura) and which colours were lacking. Because each colour has its own significance, its energy and vibration she learned that if we have a dominant colour we will have the same strong qualities related to the colour itself. The reverse is also true, so if we have non or very little of a colour we also may have an issue related to the lack of that energy, or quality too. So for example a person with a lot of yellow is found to be highly intellectual and a great ‘thinker’, indigo highly perceptive with psychic and intuitive gifts. When we are out of synch within our mind, body and soul connection we become ill we may find we are short on a specific colour element, thereby lacking in a certain type of energy. So, for example, people with little or no red may be super sensitive, easily become un-grounded, sometimes depressed and lacking courage to face up to life. Part of the therapy was to work our which colours were lacking so that the client could redress and balance their energy by balancing all their chakras and adding any missing colours from their personal ‘energy palette’. I found it fascinating how these readings gave such an accurate personality reading. Then of course came the popular ‘aura photography’ showing up the colours surrounding our physical bodies, and denoting mood or health as well as our spiritual nature. All fascinating aspects of our true colours.

Over the decades we have learned how colours massively affect our psychology. So schools started experimenting by painting walls with certain brighter colours (like yellow) to stimulate learning, and prisons painted walls pink because it was found to give a sense of calm. Many healers and therapists were choosing shades of the soothing and healing colours of violet or light green. Rooms painted bright red have been found to over-stimulate, leading to higher levels of aggression, and in some cases can even bring on a migraine type of headache in some people.

Whether or not, like me, you’re also dedicated to working with the vibrant Divine energy of angels (which incidentally manifests to most people as forms of coloured light),  just like other sensitive beings you probably love the sunshine, rainbows, the full moon and stars, cosy lamps or twinkling lights, and may find that you also need to be wherever the light is shining (you prefer rooms with lots of natural light, big windows and can’t bear ‘dingy’ or badly lit spaces). Lightworkers particularly need to be bathed in Light … and colour!

I’m concerned but intrigued by how this spreading of grey will affect us all. Grey holds anxiety, it holds no inspiration, no joy, no excitement. It holds the colour of a dull cloudy damp day, of fog, of mirky water. Is this reflecting the mood of the nation? Probably. Then let’s not allow that to happen  for the sake of fashion. There might be fifty interesting shades of grey, or even more, but please please let’s be aware of what we are doing. Please can we bring the colours back to town?