We have so many things to be grateful for! So many blessings!

IMG_2137Of course it helps when the sun is shining and we can look out on all the beautiful colours and Spring growth. But today as I write I’m reflecting on the last few weeks and all my travels, meetings, wonderful people ‘out there’, all the kindness shown to me by strangers, sensations, sights, sounds and memories made.

IMG_2129Last weekend my lovely friend and colleague Maggie spent three days in York at the Health & Healing Festival. What fun! We had an awe inspiring visit to the Minster (which for two ’empaths’ like us was full of incredibly strong mixed energies, we needed to stay very grounded), lunch by the river, and a quick trip down the shambles. Over the course of that weekend I cannot tell you how many people I personally spoke to. Between us we may have given Angel Cards and had conversations with three hundred lovely folk -if you took any ‘selfies’ do send them to me!. If you were one of the lovely people we saw, a huge THANK YOU! for coming along and helping us to have such an amazingly happy experience. (And, if you didn’t get the chance to talk to me, do remember that I can give you a dedicated one-to one via phone or Skype, to suit you).

We have all been aware of the celebration of gratitude to those who lost their lives in the World Wars and the tremendous hardship they endured, for our sakes. Let’s all hold them in our hearts and pray that there will be solution to all the other areas in our world where fighting and dis-harmony still exists.

These last six weeks or so I’ve celebrated my own birthday, with an amazing trip to Carcassonne, and wedding anniversary, all the birthdays of other lovely ‘Aries’ friends as well – we sheep love to flock together you know 😉 – and now we are ready to celebrate the Spring weekend, and Easter. The most important of all celebrations in Christian faith. A celebration of sacrifice and resurrection. I am delighted to tell you that towards the end of the month I shall be walking the steps of Jesus (Jeshua) and John the Baptist during a wonderful Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I am so excited…. watch this space for photos and details of the channellings from Metatron and Jeshua while we are there.

However you plan to celebrate this weekend, I hope you will make it one of love and gratitude. Lets all open our hearts and share love for our beautiful Earth, all plant and animal life, God, our guides, the Angels ….and one another.