The Buddhists believe that no food should be prepared in anger. That if you are in a ‘bad mood’ then don’t touch food that is about to be eaten by someone else as it won’t do them any good. In fact it will be indigestible. All food should be prepared with love.
There is a famous British chef who is well known for his bad language and cursing whilst working in the kitchens. Usually his swearing is aimed at the other chefs, and not necessarily at the food. Nevertheless that is the energy within his kitchen, and the energy surrounding the food being prepared. Personally, regardless of his fame, I would never choose to eat anything from one of his restaurants. There’s just too much disharmony, and not enough love, or peace, in his creations.
Energy follows thought. Everything we put into words, actions, and deeds contains the energy of whatever we are thinking at the time. If we are thinking negative thoughts it follows that all that negativity flows into the immediate action. When we are asked to do something which we like doing our pleasure and enjoyment goes into it. That way the love flows into the ‘doing. Similarly if we dislike the task, or haven’t got the time and resent doing it the same thing will happen. Our resentment flows into the action, and there is no love in the gesture at all. Understanding this flow of energy and becoming aware of our own thoughts and energy as we prepare food or we help others, or even in our daily tasks, is what we mean when we speak of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

So many of us pray for peace. Whether we are working with angels or not most of us desire a peaceful and loving world do we not? And the constant news of pain and suffering caused by conflict  is so depressing it hurts us all. We pray for peace, and for the healing of our Earth and all the sentient beings who live upon it. Yet we haven’t quite ‘got it’ have we?
Peace starts within each one of us. We can only ever have world peace when we discover inner peace, and put it into practice.
Working towards world peace starts when we deal with everyone, and ourselves included, with respect and compassion. By putting ‘good’ energy into everything we do. By becoming mindful of the effect of our words, our tone, our thoughts and actions, and realising that everything we do affects everyone else too. Peace could indeed start in our own kitchen!

Archangel Uriel is one of the guardian’s of our beautiful planet, and also the Archangel we can call on to help us become more peaceful in our own lives. By lighting a candle, calling upon and meditating with the beautiful beneficent Archangel Uriel and the angels of Peace, and by adopting a more peaceful approach to our own lifestyle we can all become agents for peace. Here is an invocation if you feel drawn to this work:

Dear Archangel Uriel
I am willing to fulfil my purpose now whatever that might be.
I ask for assistance in strengthening my resolve, in standing up for what is right,
in letting go of all aspects of my personality that prevent me from being at peace.

Help me, please, to detach from and clear all memories – on all levels- that trouble my mind and emotions.
Enable me to be at peace in my mind, heart, body and soul.
Empower me to assist God and the angels as an agent of change.
I am ready to be of service.
Use me as a channel of God’s peace
Thank you, Amen