candlesAll faiths and cultures since the birth of humanity have created sacred spaces. Areas of peaceful prayer and tranquillity, music or chanting, dancing or the beating of drums, they can be as different in language and design as their diverse beginnings. You can ‘feel’ the energy in those sacred spaces created naturally in landscapes such as rock formations, mountaintops, waterfalls and even Hawthorn bushes like fairy rings; and others built on ‘Holy’ consecrated land sites like our temples, churches, synagogues and mosques. And whether we are creating rituals for birth, death or marriage; meditating for world peace or connecting with angels we human beings have a need to create a safe and ‘sacred space’.

It is in these sacred and often very beautiful places where we may first connect on a deep and profound level with the great universal forces of the spiritual world. It is here where often we feel the presence of others, either human or angelic, hear voices or music, experience physical sensations, and sometimes see clear visions. Even if none of these apply to you, you may have experienced a sense of deep calm when standing in a stone circle or sitting quietly in an old church or beautiful temple.

Angels bring joy and healing but their magnificent energy is Divine. Their energy and power can be overwhelming, so calling them in to create your space shouldn’t be approached flippantly. Although you can call upon guidance from any of the angels, your guardian angel, spirit guides and ancestors to help you, it is Archangel Raphael who is the Angel of Consecration, and whose role it is to assist in creating a truly sacred space.

With constant updates from all areas of science we are gathering information about this wonderful, awesome world in which we ~and all our cells~ are a part. We are beginning to understand the bigger picture. It seems almost bizarre nowadays to imagine a heaven somewhere else, above the clouds, where God sits on a throne surrounded by his angels. But I certainly feel there is some truth in the idea of a ‘paradise’, whatever or wherever that is. An energetic field, beyond the veil of our understanding, where there is only love, light and peace. If this is where the angels reside… then surely it makes sense for us to create a calm, beautiful and loving environment of our own in which to welcome them closer.

How do you create your own sacred space for connecting with the angels? Personally I love a little ritual. I like to include crystals, and at least one candle burning, and sometimes essential oils in a burner as well. Then I call upon the angels to guide my work. If I am giving a healing or consultation I clear my room with incense and ask for Divine guidance, creating a sacred space to work in. Then by taking a few minutes to calm my mind I create my inner, personal sacred space so that I can be used as a channel of healing or guiding energy for angels to work through me.

Creating a Sacred Space

• Choose a place where you feel most calm and peaceful.
• Clean the space, from any extra clutter and dust.
• Using either a sagebrush or incense, waft the smoke into all corners.
• Say your favourite prayer, chant or poem dedicating the space to the angelic realms and inviting the angels closer (by name if you wish).
• Place pictures or other representations of angels you feel drawn to.
• Choose your favourite crystals to enhance your angelic connection.
• Light a candle representing divine light and the element of fire.
• Put fresh flowers, or a healthy pot plant in your space (water & earth).
• Burn two drops of essential oil, such as rose, rose-geranium or lavender in water (or on cotton wool over the radiator) to fragrance the air.
• Play and enjoy some soothing music of your choice.
• Lastly, you can protect your sacred space by calling in the energy of Archangel Michael.

Your personal inner sacred space is always within. With practice you can go to there in just a few moments, even when chaos is happening all around you!

• Sitting comfortably close your eyes.
• Take a few deep breaths down into your abdomen, and relax.
• Ground yourself by paying attention to the area of your body around your navel.
• Look into the darkness behind your closed eyes.
• Imagine walking down a flight of ten stairs.
• With each step become more comfortable and peaceful.
• At the bottom of the steps you are in a safe warm and comfortable space.
• Allow yourself to smile, and take the smile down into your space.
(take three or more slow deep breaths and stay here as long as you like)
• When you wish take the ten steps back up into the moment bringing your warmth, calm and inner peace with you.