DSC_0762Happiness and love go hand in hand. You know how it works, when you are happy, and smiling, that energy spreads into everything you do and everyone around you. I’ve been watching the Youtube video of the popular song Happy by Pharrell Williams and it’s very addictive, makes me smile and has the added bonus of creating warm happy feelings in every cell! If you haven’t seen it I’m sharing the link here for you to watch too.


One of the most powerful of all our emotions. More a sense of ‘being’ than just a feeling, the ‘happiness’ gene affects everything we do, say and think. When you are happy you can take on the world!

Now, here’s an interesting thought for the day – is happiness, as A Course in Miracles teaches, inherently within each of us as an aspect of Divine Love? Is it part of our genetic make-up? And, if this is the case, how is it that we seem to need other people or external factors to stimulate the ‘happy’ emotion? And, how can we have an instant mood switch from feeling happy to miserable when influenced by the negativity of others, or circumstances, or even the weather!? Interesting isn’t it?

How are you feeling now? Are you feeling wonderful? On top of the world? Full of the joys of Spring? Oh good. But just in case something has happened in your world that is creating an internal struggle with the ‘happiness vibe’, or sadness is creating a barrier for you, let me give you a brilliant exercise that lifts the spirits instantly. (Practiced, this definitely works, and I have been teaching it to my students and one to one clients for years). If you don’t need it today keep it on the shelf for any times when you might find it useful, and please feel free to share with someone else if they need a boost.

Connect with your Happiness Gene

What is it that makes you happy?
First: Think of a place where you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed and where you love to be (this can be in the bath, the garden, lazing on the sofa, wherever you like).

Next : Think of your favourite person, someone you love and who makes you smile when you think of them.

Now: Think of something funny – like the comical antics of a small child or your pet for example.

Simply allow yourself to completely relax into that feeling of safety, love and humour and close your eyes for a moment, really let it sink down into your body and smile to yourself. Feel it and as you do so imagine your favourite colour as a warm and comforting mist filling the room. Give this experience, this sensation, a name. Any name will be fine but something you would recall instantly.

Stay in that lovely feeling of happiness, safety, love and humour – in your favourite colour-bath. Now pinch your first finger and thumb together tightly and say this name, or word, to yourself three times. Let go, and open your eyes. How do you feel? Try pinching the finger and thumb, say the word as you close your eyes for just a few seconds and reproduce that sensation instantly. See, it works!

Happiness is how I feel when I’m walking in the fields with my husband and our dog listening to the skylarks, watching my grandchildren playing and laughing, pottering among the flowers in my garden or I’m mixing with like-minded people connecting with all the lovely folk who come along to join me at shows and events. Studies show that when we are happy in our work we achieve greater results, gain more job satisfaction, enjoy a better home life and relationships and live a longer life. Lucky me!