AngelInsight_GuidanceI hope you enjoyed the beautiful Leo full moon last weekend, bringing us all the opportunity to focus on the power of love. Of course, full moons also bring along the shadows too. The brighter the light – the deeper the shadows appear to be.

Working with our shadow side can be a tricky challenge as many of us prefer to ignore or cover up those aspects of our nature we don’t particularly like. Some traditions, particularly in counselling circles, might suggest that the many irritating faults we notice in other people are actually reflecting back to us the very things we don’t see in our own behaviour. I find the whole topic of shadow work a very interesting, and essential, part of inner work as we strive towards personal and spiritual development.

In one of the modules of my home study course I ask people to reflect on what “demons” they have faced, and whether they feel they have fully dealt with them, and how. Demons have always represented those aspects of human nature which we find troublesome, challenging and very often self-sabotaging, such as fear, guilt, shame, jealousy etc.

I bring this to you because I am reading a good book about it at the moment called “Feeding your Demons – Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict” by Tsultrim Allione (Hay House). The author describes a five stage plan, based on ancient Buddhist teachings, of how to face and feed our demons so that they disappear. I’ll let you know how I get on!

I have received many requests for names to be put into my Angel Healing Book. I am always happy to hold you or your loved ones in my prayers. Better still is for you to call upon God and the angels regularly for healing (especially once you have faced your shadows and decided to deal with them). Here’s a lovely exercise for working with Archangel Raphael, the great healing angel, which you might like to try:

Sending you Healing from Archangel Raphael

Affirmation: I am transformed and healed by my connection with the Divine.

Just for a moment stop what you are doing and breathe more deeply allowing the breath to fill your lungs and abdomen with prana, the breath of life.

Imagine yourself in a clearing, a wide open green space. There are mountains in the distance and trees around the edge of the meadow and you can feel your feet on the soft springy grass.

Imagine you can stretch your arms up to the heavens ( stretch them really, if you can.) Feel how good that is. Imagine the clear air on your face, the sunshine, the light breeze, and how refreshed you feel.

Breathe clean, cool air into your body and say to yourself “Every cell in my body works in perfect harmony” three times .

As you visualise the natural surroundings welcome the bright green healing light of the Archangel Raphael and visualise it becoming brighter as you relax your muscles and let go of any stress and tension.

Let the light move through every cell of your body as it rejuvenates, refreshes and renews your energy.Imagine sending this healing energy to all your loved ones too.

Take three deep breaths in and out as you focus your attention back into the moment. You now feel ready to continue your day relaxed, calm, focussed and fully energised.