Have you been following Carer’s week on BBC over the last days? I’ve been listening to some of the wonderful examples of just how much some people do for those they love. I don’t know about you but my heart was over-flowing and I found it very difficult to listen to some of the time. I’ve had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as I listened to many of the stories, especially when young children describe their day looking after siblings or parents who are unable to fully care for themselves. Young people who have sacrificed a ‘normal’ childhood for others in their family. Husbands and wives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters – all dedicated to caring for someone else. But it is the children my heart goes out to. Earth angels every one!

But are we all conscious of how we help other people I wonder? I remember how difficult I found it as a teenager trying to study for my GCEs whilst living with a grandma with dementia and a granddad who was terminally ill with lung cancer – but was I their full-time carer? No, not at all. I ran errands and did what I could but not to the extent these children on the radio describe what they have to do as part of a regular day. I cannot begin to imagine how different these children’s lives are to that of my own grandchildren.

affirmations_knowledge_400I, just like many others, have spent years seeking knowledge and yearning to understand the great ‘meaning of Life’. In my mind there is no doubt that there would be no point in only one life experience. That in order to find the knowledge we seek we have many, many life times. My understanding is that we are all part of a vast benevolent creative consciousness – which we call God. And that our unique and individual soul grows and develops through every type of human life experience. I also believe that we do belong to ‘soul groups’ and that within these groups are ‘clusters, or families who incarnate together over and over again reversing roles within the soul family so that we can all experience life through different perspectives. Every role whether giving or receiving is equally as important. Without someone being in need of care, for example, how would the one looking after them experience caring? This is one aspect of what is known as Karma in Indian philosophy.

Between life times I believe we are ‘held’ in the Light of God, guided by angelic and Mastered Beings where we have the opportunity for reflection and growth, and that we choose our next lesson before we return. Why on earth you might ask – would we choose such seemingly difficult challenges? We learn different lessons through every lifetime until we achieve a level of enlightenment that some call ‘Christ consciousness’. To do this we return over and over again to practice what we have learned. Each time playing out a role so that we understand what it is to give and receive unconditional love. This inevitably involves sacrifice on some level. Some of us learn how to give with love, and others learn how to receive with love. Its a big lesson!

The point is that however hard it might seem we are never given, or indeed choose, anything which is more than we are capable of. Whatever role we play and however we are experiencing in this particular life time, we are actually all here to serve in some capacity. I know it can be tough. But even when it feels we can’t go on, we are lonely, depressed and filled with anxiety, we are never alone. We truly have angels surrounding us – there for us to call on – to support, protect and guide us all in our service of others.