AngelInsight_HarmonyI wonder how you are feeling as you read this? Super sensitive, exhausted, slightly shaky? We certainly are in strange times, and many of us are picking up all the extra-ordinary energies like the flotsam of a shipwreck floating on the waves of a raging sea. How are you coping?

Those of us who work with the angelic realms are surely being tested now. That’s for sure. At times it is very hard not to buy in to the drama. But let’s remind ourselves that negative thoughts and words always feed fear. Fear attracts darkness. Love, on the other hand, wherever it is added in to our thoughts, words or actions stimulates positive outcomes, and leads us to the Light. Surrounding our Earth-plane is collective consciousness. This etheric body of energy radiates collective thinking and is real. It is not a theory. (My own favourite example of it working is how we seem to forever create a rainy public holiday. Why? Because we all expect it to happen!)
This collective consciousness dictates, by default, how we live our lives, and what situations are created by our thoughts. The stronger the outpouring of human thought and energy, the more dramatic the effect. We have all witnessed the outpouring of negativity in certain areas following ‘Brexit’. Did you see how that instantly affected the mood of humanity, not just in Europe, but worldwide. Spiritual teachers and many brave souls have spoken out against falling foul of a fear campaign and are injecting some balance of sanity wherever possible.

As Light Workers, it is our job to make sure we pour that energy of love, which we have been practicing for years, into every possible situation. We are those people who believe that we connect with spiritual energies and forces of love. Some know them as angels or celestial helpers (by whatever name) but we are all trying to live positively with love.

Did you ever feel you were here to do something but didn’t quite know what? Well I am here to tell you this is it. You need wait no longer. You are needed to put all your energy in to practice right now.  I’m sure you already are doing that by encouraging calm, reassuring friends, and helping to ground the over-reactionary spirits.

Here are a couple of strategies to help cope with the powerful emotions you may be feeling right at the moment. Remember that we are all being affected by what is happening. None of us is immune to the effects. It is ok to feel wobbly!

*Firstly get as much fresh air and gentle exercise as possible.
*Take a few moments every morning to steady and balance your energies, and re-align your chakras.
*Do this by breathing in to each chakra in turn, including those below your feet.
*Try to avoid caffeine and other stimulants as much as you can, and drink plenty of water.
*Add an extra five or ten minutes prayer or meditation time to your practice either at night or in the morning.
*Remember to put yourself into a bubble of Light protection, and call Archangel Michael to assist you with this.
*Open your heart to send and gentle healing blessings love wherever you go as you travel around.
* Steer away from all negative conversations or toxic situations.
* Be kind to yourself.
* Please be tolerant with others who are not quite on your wave-length. You have the right to politely walk away.

I’ve been guided that will be a positive outcome. Things will improve in Divine timing, not necessarily our own. We have been warned for years that humanity (and the Earth herself) were about to shift into a fifth dimensional frequency and that to all of us is an ‘unknown’.  I don’t think we truly understood how much of a shake-up that would create. Two of the major powers, UK and USA are currently floating at speed into uncharted waters. Our prayers and concentrated Light will become the rudder that steers it towards the right direction. We must believe. The Archangel Metatron has asked me to let go of intellectual analysis and pray from the heart. I’m passing that on now to you.

We have been told about the portals regularly opening between us and the heavenly realms, since 11.11.11 allowing the Light energy of God to pour through. Many, many of us having been working hard to anchor that Divine Light here on Earth. It has been effective. Even though everything seems to be in a state of chaos, there is a rhyme and a reason.

If you feel that you have been called to serve you will have undergone various testing experiences of your own in preparation for the work now required. The angels are surrounding and beckoning to us all. If you have ever been touched by an angel, then you are ready to hear that call. It feels like a quickening deep down in your soul. Some of you may be feeling the need to hide away feeling rather fragile, and possibly assaulted by the whole situation. I understand that fully. When you feel a little stronger, come out and join the band. There are millions of hosts of angels, and your light is needed too.

In every way, what ever you do in your day to day life, wherever you are the angels are urging you to let your Light shine as brightly as ever, and then even brighter if you can. Whatever we do to help will be magnified a thousand fold.
Let’s all be the stars we were born to be, and create the higher vibrational change being predicted. It’s here, it’s real, and it’s now.

With Love.