Sunshine certainly lifts the spirits!

As I was walking in the warm summer air this morning I was reflecting on the many ways in which we refer to our human spirit.

How many of us refer to ourselves as a ‘Free Spirit’ I wondered? And, what exactly does that mean? Personally I have always thought of my self as a free spirit and dislike being restricted in any way by regulations, over-bearing or demanding people, tight clothing, oh yes… and time! Yet I often push myself into a corner where I feel incredibly restricted and confined. I find then that I cannot allow my own spirit to soar and be free, simply because I try to do too many things, or be in too many different places and instead of enjoying each moment for its own merit am busy flying off to the next appointment or squeezing in the next person who wants some of my time. I am not alone in this dilemma.

All of us need to schedule ‘free-time’ into our busy day to replenish our energy resources, and importantly to nurture our spirit. For me it means a regular walk across the fields or through the woods with my dog. As I walk through the fields I call upon the angels of the Earthly Mother to connect with me, to refresh and heal my body, and to ground my energies as I walk. Sticky mud on the base of heavy boots is a sure way to feel the earth and become grounded. Sometimes I stand and connect with the high growing trees as their branches sway adoringly to some inaudible heavenly rythm in the breeze. I might even imagine that I too am as tall as the trees and able to hold my arms high towards the heavens.

Angels are everywhere, in the breeze, in the sunshine and the rain, in all the elements surrounding us. Not just in bright lights or feathers. All cultures, and all religions have angels, helpers, messengers who carry our prayers and answers them, and angels who take care of every aspect of our beautiful world. In the Jewish faith for example, there is a belief that God created an angel for every blade of grass, and many folk are able to connect with the energies of the elementals, which are said to be the angelic energies of the natural world.

We can connect and communicate whenever we like, but especially in nature. We connect with our bodies, kinesthetically as well as our hearts emotionally and empathically and our minds intellectually and telepathically. All around flowers are blooming, and the ripe lush scent of summer floats upon the air. Optimism is all around us, which is unsurprising as this is the most prosperous and fertile time of the year. It is a wonderful time to get out into nature and connect. Allow the sounds, the smells, and the feelings to filter through you and really reflect on what it feels like for you to be a truly ‘free spirit’.


EHScover_250It’s the first of August, and for many this feels like the ‘proper’ start of summer. I know many will be enjoying vacation time, or preparing for holidays in the sunshine. But if not, it’s a perfect time to consider developing your spiritual gifts and embarking on a spiritual journey of learning, self-reflection and growth.

If you haven’t tried my home study course, why not take a look now? It may be the perfect programme for you. Ask for guidance from your angels or spiritual guides. And if you live in Essex, you may wish to consider taking the course as part of a new monthly evening class that begins in September. You can, of course, enrol at any time of year if you wish.

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