AngelInsight_Love2All of us want to be loved and to give love in a meaningful fulfilling relationship. In a society of high rates of divorce and separation there are many people who feel lonely and desperate to find that loving partner.

There are simple spiritual truths that go hand in glove with the question of finding that ‘special’ someone. The first is that we can only attract love when we are prepared to open our heart completely to love. This is difficult when we have been badly hurt, and are guarded and closed in fear of a repeat experience. The second is that, even though we may not understand why or how it works, our desperation is tangibly held in our aura and we can, if we are not careful, push people away with our neediness to be loved.

So we need healing first, followed by some cleansing of the aura, and we need to learn self-love to allow our heart to open to its fullest. The angel to help with all of these three magic tasks is Archangel Raphael.

The best time to do this exercise is early morning. Call Archangel Raphael with the rising sun, to cleanse and to heal any wounds in your heart and aura and to purify your energy with divine unconditional love. As you take a shower, imagine the water cleansing away any negative emotion held in your cells as the water pours over you. Then as you dress, affirm to yourself as you ask Raphael “I am ready to give and receive love without conditions, I attract loving people into my life and am ready to be in a loving, fulfilling and mutually rewarding relationship. Raphael I ask you to please bring that person into my life now”.

Always remember to finish any exercises, prayers or meditations with trust and gratitude.