AngelInsight_AscensionWhen several planets are in alignment, as they are over the next few days, energies run high. Can you just imagine six enormously powerful entities all in a line, with all their different characteristics and auras mingling as they pass by. I can’t help imagining the banter if they were huge mega-stars or powerful politicians who only ever find themselves passing by every few years. Wow, with all that celestial sparking going on it wouldn’t be at all surprising if some of us were to feel that shift. As the full moon rises in Aquarius it brings a humanitarian influence which asks us to realign our own values. Are we focussing on the bigger picture?
By that I mean starting with our own health and well-being, then reflecting that throughout our work-life, family members, then our local community and onward, reflecting that well-being out into the world.
Challenging? I guess the first step is to assess whether are we creating a good balance in ourselves. By that I mean consciously working at the important happy balance between work, family, health, money, and play. We also need to look at the psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual health of our body, mind and soul, recognising that it depends upon us working towards an energetic alignment within all the ‘parts’ in our own body, and auric field, or energy bodies.  By calling in the Divine Light of the I AM presence and the guidance and protection of the angels, this balance gradually, gradually, step by step, in small stages begins to play out. There are so many options for us, when we are ready to implement them into our busy lives!
We can work with the power and energy of the angelic forces as much or as little as we choose. They are always there. They were, after all, dedicated by God to offer us guidance, protection and healing. All we have to do is ask. We can learn about the energy and relationship of the chakras, use crystals as healing and balancing tools, take up any of the various meaningful spiritual practices, eat well, play and exercise – all of our own choosing. Whatever suits our nature and makes us happy. Happiness is paramount to balance.
To complete the cosmic balance (and relating to the bigger picture) angels often call us to help. As a fair exchange of energy they are always delighted when we feel ready to offer back our services for the greater good. Each of us serves humanity in so many ways, all our life and not always knowingly. It starts with the light in a baby’s eyes, the laughter and funny ways of small child offering you an imaginary cup of tea, a smile, a friendly touch. It doesn’t have to be grand gestures of total dedication. We all do so much, in our own way already.

Balance is sometimes a very tricky business and many of us swing too far this way or that. I’ve been found guilty of extremes for much of my life, especially while rushing around the country and being available to lots of people (and the angels) so much of the time. However, someone once reminded me that when a pendulum swings from the far side and back again it always passes the centre twice. So I’m developing a new practice of being mindful of staying in that centre for a few moments, taking a few deep breaths and grounding my energy. By becoming more conscious of how it feels in that moment in the centre, I feel that I will get closer to being more and more balanced. That can only be better for my own well-being, and potentially everyone else around me. ( Like everything its a work in progress but I’d love to hear your personal techniques too)

As these five huge planets, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars with their enormous characteristics and energy line up with the full moon, I can’t help feeling that it would be absolutely be amazing to see, hear and to feel the energy close up – wouldn’t it? (I wonder if astronauts can feel it). Wow, we live in an awesome world!