An angel may reach for your hand, and touch your heart.

There is a very strange but true saying that once you hit the bottom the only way left is up. Many of us have felt the absolute emptiness of despair. Whether caused by depression, bankruptcy, isolation, abandonment, abuse (self or other), alcohol, or drugs it leads to the sense of falling into a pit where there is nowhere deeper to go. At this point many of us turn to God.

When the soul cries out for help it is never denied. The angels are there immediately in response to your call. They will take your hand if you allow it, and pull you from the pit. This may happen physically, emotionally, mentally or all three. The overwhelming sense of love, well-being and gratitude this creates in your heart can hardly be described in words. Even better is that, once you have experienced it, the memory will never leave you.

An angel will never give up on you, even if you have given up on yourself!

AngelInsight_Love2Many of us are plagued by feelings of unworthiness or low self esteem. Keep in mind that all thoughts create energy, and like attracts like. When we focus on negative thinking, we attract disappointments and disasters.

Archangel Chamuel and the angels of Love can help you overcome negative feelings if you ask. Close your eyes and send a prayer asking that angelic Love surround you. Banish negative thinking by saying,

‘Be gone, feelings of Anti-Love!’

‘Be gone, feelings of Anti-Love!’

‘Be gone, feelings of Anti-Love!’

See yourself surrounded by bright, pink light and feel instantly uplifted.

Remember also, your guardian angels are with you even when you are feeling negative. You are special to your angels no matter how you are feeling about yourself. Whenever you need reassurance, guidance, protection, and love, just call on them for help. Soon you will be shown the way to happiness again.