14-Presence_150Many people ask me about the name of their guardian angels. I used to be really keen (about 20 years ago) on helping people to connect with the name of their personal angels because I felt at the time that the name was in some way essential for a good connection – but do you know … now I’m just not sure it matters.

A name is an energy, a vibration, a sound. After all, a pet doesn’t know how the word looks when we write its name, or care how it is spelt does it? But it hears the sound and the vibration of authority in your voice and comes running (well if it is trained too of course!). A baby soon recognises its own name and the names of its siblings, for the same reasons. It ‘feels’ the vibration and energy as its name is spoken. Names are sound vibrations that carry meaning.
If it is a familiar sounding name we hear when we ask in our meditation we sometimes think it cannot possibly be the name of an angel. Why not? Because our ego gets in the way and whispers doubt into our head. So, if you feel you have ‘heard’ the name of your personal guardian angels when you ask them yet it doesn’t seem right – because maybe it was a Sam, or a Sarah, or Fred, don’t worry about it. The names are not always ethereal sounding because they contain an energy form – the word or name itself is not what we think it necessarily means.

Set a time and a place and create a sacred space for connecting to your angels and then sense in whichever way you do it best. Either through hearing, feeling, seeing an image or sensing in your own unique way, and then believe and trust that this is how your angel is presenting itself to you, and allow yourself to know that when you want to reconnect replicate that sensation from your memory and whisper “angels please come nearer to me now, and hear my heart’s call”.

Here’s a little piece I wrote for Spirit & Destiny magazine to enable people to set a sacred space. Do this for yourself and then you can ask them for something to help you recognise their presence if you are not one of those people who ‘sees’ their angels (and believe me few of us are).

Welcome to my Workshop:
It’s said that to bring the angels closer to us we need to create an area of our lives where they would feel a calm and harmonious energy. When we want to meditate or simply to sit and be alone to connect with the angels it is important to know that you have a really ‘safe’ space to do this. Here’s some ideas how you can.

Creating a Sacred Space

• Choose a place where you feel most calm and peaceful.
• Clean the space, from any extra clutter and dust.
• Using either a sagebrush or incense, waft the smoke into all corners.
• Say your favourite prayer, chant or poem dedicating the space to the angelic realms and inviting the angels closer (by name if you wish).
• Place pictures or other representations of angels you feel drawn to.
• Choose your favourite crystals to enhance your angelic connection.
• Light a candle representing divine light and the element of fire.
• Put fresh flowers, or a healthy pot plant in your space (water & earth).
• Burn two drops of essential oil, such as rose, rose-geranium or lavender in water (or on cotton wool over the radiator) to fragrance the air.
• Play and enjoy some soothing music of your choice.
• Lastly, you can protect your sacred space by calling in the energy of Archangel Michael.

I hope this helps, and if you would like more of these ‘Welcome to my workshop’ snippets please let me know.