Fifteen years ago when I first started running Angel Workshops of my own I was fascinated by what I saw as a golden thread of truth weaving between all the main religions – Christianity, Judaism, Islam & Buddhism – of pure unconditional love – and the appearance of divine messengers, acting as a conduit for our prayers and aspirations, which we call ‘angels’. I wanted to find out more. My research led me towards university (as a mature student) and I was then able to study as many world religions as I could during my degree course. As well as motivating me towards personal higher education it also inspired my first two books. I have been asked to share some of this information with you now.

Firstly it’s important that we recognise that ‘angels’ are not restricted to any one particular religion. Even though an angel makes a dramatic appearance or is mentioned over 300 times in the Bible, angels are not restricted to Judaism or Christianity.

Belief in ‘celestial presence’ is embedded in history as far back as humanity itself. You only   have to visit the British Museum to find Persian carvings of angels from before 4000 B.C. and many sacred and religious scripts from all over the world, refer to spiritual beings, which we have come to know as ‘angels’, acting as messengers between humans and God.
More recently, ancient documents containing prayers to angels, written in Aramaic, were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. They had been written on parchments made from goat skins, by a group called’ Essenes’ and hidden in pottery jars in the caves near the Dead Sea in a place called Qumran. These ancient documents gave practical instructions for healthy community living, teachings of great spiritual wisdom, and more than that they showed a profound belief in angels in relationship with the natural elements and the powerful forces of mother nature as well as divine attributes.
It really doesn’t matter how you believe in angels. Whether you see, feel, hear them or simply just know they are there you can call upon them to help you through some of the tough times, as well as work with them in service to others. Working with the energy of angels can be truly life changing!