3866-samjhana-moon_loChrissie Astell is one of the UK’s best-loved spiritual educators and angel experts.  Following a visionary experience in 1997, she is the author of four books, most recently Gifts From Angels.

Through her writings, teaching and in-depth private consultations, Chrissie’s inspirational charisma and exceptional intuitive skill have brought thousands of people into closer relationship with angelic guardians, healing energies and universal love.

Chrissie’s intuitive gifts are supported by extensive academic study.  She holds a BA Honours Degree in Comparative Religion (SOAS), along with Post Graduate certificates in Teaching in Lifelong Learning (Birkbeck) and Spiritual Development & Facilitation (Surrey).

With over 15 years’ experience as a spiritual educator and counsellor, Chrissie is uniquely placed to offer insight, guidance and angelic inspiration.

Travelling around the UK over the last decade, Chrissie Astell has brought the message of angelic love and healing to thousands, and has taught successful courses on the many varied aspects of spirituality in today’s world. She has written several books and oracle card sets and recorded guided meditations with composers Llewelyn and Mark Hughes, as well as creating a unique spiritual home study programme, Educating Heart & Soul. Chrissie is recognised widely in the spiritual media, writing for magazines such as ‘Spirit & Destiny’ and ‘Soul & Spirit.’ Her television appearances include the BBC’s Kilroy “I Believe in Angels”, ITV’s Christmas special “Angels are Everywhere”, and a BBC Everyman documentary on Angels, and she is a regular guest speaker on radio chat shows.

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