2014-05-02 10.54.12Our pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan is fast approaching and I’ve been getting questions about the trip, which I will answer as best I can here.

All the details of the trip and itinerary are on the website (www.AngelLight.co.uk/holyland ) so I encourage you to take a look and download the tour brochure from that page. I’m especially looking forward to returning to Qumran and the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. This is the area where the great scribes known as the Essenes lived and worked. Many believe that Jesus was an Essene himself and it is a place where I feel very much at home spiritually. We also visit Bethlehem, Gethsemane and Petra, the home of what is surely one of the world’s great man-made wonders.

We’ll be travelling as a group, flying from Heathrow Airport, so you will need to make your way to London for the morning of 3rd May. However, there are individuals who are flying directly to Amman in Jordan to meet us. If you are outside the UK or Ireland this may be an option.

I visited the region in 2014 with a group of 92! Despite being an amazing trip, I felt I needed to keep my own group much smaller, so we’ll be in a group of between 25 and 30. This will make for more comfortable travel and, I hope, enable us to get to know each other more closely as we journey. I have already conducted one group online meditation and will be hosting two more as we get nearer our departure date to enable us to commune together before the tour itself.

It is understandable that you may have concerns about safety whilst travelling in the Middle East. It is worth remembering that many hundreds of thousands of pilgrims visit every year. The guides we will be travelling with are always in touch with our agents in case the tour needs to be adjusted in any way, and the places we’ll be visiting are both safe and largely unspoilt. Bear in mind that western pilgrims are a valuable source of tourist income for both the Jewish and Muslim communities. Neither group has any gripe with us! We will also be staying in well equipped, comfortable hotels, a safe and peaceful haven at the end of each day!

We’ll be visiting many of the great sites of the Old and New Testament, along with spiritual centres around Qumran and the Dead Sea. The itinerary has been arranged to give us as much time as possible to explore or relax. I will also be conducting daily spiritual communions and meditations for those who wish to join me. There will be opportunities to explore the cities, do a little shopping and try local delicacies in the taverns and cafes on route.

It will be hot outside the hotels so bring light clothing for the days as well as shawls or cardigans for the evenings. We do not plan to be ‘trekking’ but it’s a good idea to have some stout walking shoes as well as sandals or lighter shoes. Generally the major cities and towns have all the usual amenities that you would expect, including ATMs for cash. Credit cards are widely accepted, but carrying some local currency is advisable (there will be plenty of temptation to buy local souvenirs!)

From a spiritual perspective, I believe you will experience intense personal healing of body, mind and spirit on this trip, and there are several ways to prepare. Initially, I am holding a series of online group meditations and discussions where we can share thoughts. The next date will be 21st March at 7.30PM UK time.

If you have other questions don’t forget you can contact us on the support email address support@angellight.co.uk, or speak with the travel agents who are handling the tour on our behalf. Full details on the website and brochure – www.AngelLight.co.uk/holyland