archangel_uriel_170Each week I write a newsletter which we send out (usually) on Fridays. So today, as I see all the upheaval and devastation in one of our most sacred areas of the world, the so called ‘Holy Land’, I thought it might be a good idea to remind us all that Friday is over-lighted by the great Archangel Uriel.

Guardian of our planet Earth, Uriel is also the angel of the element earth too. His energy is powerful and specific. He encourages us to be grounded in our spirituality and to anchor the Divine Christ-Light through our physical bodies.

It should come as no surprise then to learn that it is Uriel and his host of angels that work for peace. He is the Archangel who calls us to Serve.

Are you ready and willing to offer yourself in Service to God and the angels by anchoring the Christ-Light as a channel for world peace?

Take in some deep breaths as you sit comfortably. Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful gold, purple and ruby red light in front of your eyes. Call upon Archangel Uriel and the Angels of Peace three times and if you feel ready to offer your services for peace say:

Archangel Uriel and all the Angels of Peace,
I AM ready to be at peace in my body,
I AM ready to be at peace in my mind,
I AM ready to be at peace in my spirit,
I AM ready to be at peace in my soul.
Here I AM, willing to serve the highest good of humanity, and our planetary Mother Earth, use ME as a channel of Gods Peace.
So it is. Amen.

Then imagine a bright, white light shining through your crown as you connect with the Divine Christ Light. Breathe this down consciously, through your brow, throat, and into your heart centre. Hold this Christ-Light in your heart centre and register how that feels to you. Add your own love to the Light. Then breathe the love and the Light down through your solar plexus, your sacral and down through your root chakra imagining the Light flowing down through your body and through the souls of your feet into the Earth. When you are ready, take three deep breaths and exhaling bring your awareness into the present moment. Feel your feet firmly on the floor.

Having done this exercise I often like to imagine that I am leaving footprints of sparkling light – particularly in areas where I am aware of negativity.

Working as a channel for peace does not mean that you have to rush off and join a political group (though that may be how you fulfil your particular calling). We can all be channels for peace by practicing meditation, blessing and prayer, (we already have proof of how effective prayer can be) and by being consciously aware of our own thoughts, speech and actions. We have to learn to observe our reaction to negative stimuli, to notice which situations in our life bring out our shadows and result in behaviour patterns which no longer serve us. Are you able to stay in a calm place, breathe in the Light, and peacefully deal with all negative situations that come your way? Sometimes? Mostly, but not always? I agree it is not easy, but our intention and awareness makes all the difference.

If you’re a regular reader of my newsletters you may remember that a little while ago I spoke of ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’, a spiritual practice of blessing everyone, not just our own loved ones in their perfection. This includes blessing our enemies, people we dislike, and those we know and love who unwittingly hurt us by their thoughtless actions. I refer to it quite frequently in my workshops and talks. If this form of spiritual practice appeals to you I recommend the book of the same name by Pierre Pradavand.

After my own amazingly enlightening pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan I told you all I would be organising my own pilgrimage there in 2016. Initial enquiries are still being made, but due to the current uprising will be held ‘on the back burner’ until we can be sure that the timing is right and a visit would be safe.